2019 Winter Sale - 75% OFF ALL RANKS!

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    Hello Players,

    I'm super excited to announce our 2019 Winter Sale on ALL donation ranks! From now until January 3rd, get all global ranks on our store for 75% OFF. This means you can now become a donator for less than 2 USD!

    To get your ranks today, head over to https://store.shadowkingdom.org or simply type /buy while playing on the server.

    Our donation ranks grant you awesome perks like

    • Private freebuild worlds [Creative]
    • Donator chat channel (works cross-server) [Towny & Creative]
    • Colored names in chat [Towny & Creative]
    • More /sethome's [Towny & Creative]
    • ArmorStandTools [Towny & Creative]
    • Plot flags (gamemode, weather, time, greeting, farewell, etc.) [Creative]
    • Keep your /backpack on death [Towny]
    • GoBrush & GoPaint access [Creative]
    • Extra MyPets [Towny]
    • Useful kits and extra items [Towny]
    And much, much more!

    • All donation ranks are global and life-time. This means that purchased ranks will transfer to all current and future Shadow Kingdom servers and they never expire!
    • The 2019 Winter Sale is effective for all Global Ranks and Rank Upgrades.
    • Be sure to type your in-game username accurately with correct capitalization when purchasing.
    • After you purchase a rank, please allow up to 5 minutes for the rank to become active in-game.
    Create a thread here if you have any questions or issues with a donation.

    Thank you for supporting Shadow Kingdom! Without our supporters and dedicated community, we wouldn't be able to exist.


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