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    Hello, I have a great idea which may make towny more interesting. :)

    What about a Robbery mod/plugin in towny in which players can rob town/nation bank for money and if they get caught they'll have to give the money back or it will be taken automatically and of course there must be a limit. This can also bring 1-2 new jobs like police or robber jobs in which they get payed for catching robbers or for getting away successfully and more. And if a robber gets away its name will be added to wanted list so that police can catch it later or something like that. Sounds FUN RIGHT ?

    I dont know if its possible because i dont have knowledge about plugins or stuff but its my idea that suddenly got in my head during a chat :p and of course a ton different things can be added for jobs to let them level up and quest and suff.

    I hope you liked my idea and thanks for taking your time and reading my suggestion :D.
    Hope to see it in towny soon if its possible or if its a good idea.

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