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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by XiYen, May 2, 2019.

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    I don't think the problem with the Tv2 shops was there were too many shops, it was how they were layed out.
    I understand the desire to keep unoccupied shops to a minimum, but the current number of shops is a bit underwhelming.

    Now, I don't think we should add many new spaces to start, in fact, for the first expansion, there should only be a second level of shops added above shops small6-8.
    Should be easy to add, just cut the roofs, copy + paste shops small6-8 on top, then paste the roofs back on.

    Then come back in a month or two, evaluate shop space usage, and if there is still 100% shop usage, add another extension (easiest would be shops small3-5 and/or small1-2).

    I think shop usage should be around 90%. Have enough active shops to make it worth while to visit the shop area, but enough open shop space to encourage players to create their own shop.
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    We increased shop prices specifically to free up some more shops. You just have to be a bit patient for this effect to take place. I don't think adding more shops would be good for performance in the spawn area.
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    As FN said, we will probably wait first to see how the increased prices affect the overall situation. Squeezing shops into the spawn in a way that it doesn't look terrible is probably going to be a bit more difficult, thanks for the suggestion though :)
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