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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Luminiscient, Jan 21, 2020.

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    Jan 21, 2020
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    Hello everyone, I have recently joined the server and I am pleasantly surprised by the broad selection of creative-oriented plugins installed that make building easier. World Edit and Voxelsniper are always a must, but other additions such as GoBrush have become a staple in my arsenal, and the /hdb command provides immense potential for detailing.

    However, there is one command designed for creative use that is only accessible as a donor perk. This is the /ast command. For those unaware of this command, it allows you to place armour stands with custom positions, giving you the option to create NPCs and 3D use of items such as tools for added details (e.g. you can make an axe stick out of a log).

    This command has major potential for adding life to anybody's plot, but sadly, it is the only creativity-focused plugin that is not otherwise accessible. While it is important to reward players that are willing to donate, I am unsure about the practice of a creative server locking creative plugins behind a donor rank. I believe that cosmetics and trial particles are a perfectly sufficient reward that does not hinder other players by denying access to a creative plugin. However, it is not necessary to give this command to everybody for free, just that it is accessible without a donator rank. I propose that the /ast command is added to the in-game shop instead, just like the /hdb command. 12 Hour access for 15 coins, 24 hour access for 25, and 3 day access for 50 coins. Players would then be further incentivised to vote for earning coins, and unlimited access to /ast could remain a donator perk, just as unlimited access to WE, Voxelsniper, Gobrush and Gopaint, and /hdb already are.

    Thank you for your consideration!

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    Hey Luminiscient,

    thank you for taking your time to make a such a well-written suggestion, I wish more people would do that. :D
    I am not really involved in the development of the creative server, so I do not know the details behind every decision and cannot really promise you anything, but we (the staff team) will at least talk about it. Please keep in mind though, that even though the creative server aims to give people easy access to all the relevant building tools, the server requires donations to sustain itself and it was shown in the past that purely cosmetic perks are not sufficient to pay the bills (and I am just talking about hosting and stuff like that).

    Best of luck!


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