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    Before applying for staff, please ensure that you meet all of the Staff Requirements. Any and all applications which do not meet these requirements will be denied by a staff member. Furthermore, please take your time to format your application and make it presentable. Your public image will be taken into account by the staff members who handle applications.
    You may remove these reminders before posting your application.

    Your current IGN:

    JoinAcropolis (My nickname is 0o0_0o0_0o0)

    What is your discord name including the # and numbers?


    How old are you?

    15 years old

    What timezone do you live in?

    Pacific Standard Time

    What server do you play the most on Shadow Kingdom?


    How active can you be on Shadow Kingdom?

    I play about two hours every day on average, up to four on the weekends.

    Do you have any past experience as staff? Do you still work there? If not, why did you leave?
    (Please be as honest as possible in this section.)

    I was once co-owner of a small MC server that was run by a 10 year old. Needless to say, the server failed horribly, but I did learn a lot about plugins, server upkeep, and commands. I also learned how to work with others, and how to manage people.

    Why do you want to be a staff member on SK? Why should we pick you instead of other players who apply?

    I already do help any player that needs help or asks questions the best I can, it's just my nature. I enjoy helping others. I've just decided that I want to help out SK more, by applying/becoming a assistant!

    If you could change one thing about the server, what would it be?

    I would try to make the custom enchantments less PvP oriented and more towny oriented. After all, there are rarely any player vs player fights in towny, with the exception of the treasure hunt. On the topic of the treasure hunt, I would make it less frequent, but more rewarding. It seems like a waste of time to get your gear ready and fight to the death just for a couple emeralds or some cash.

    Additional comments:

    Sorry I only have 5 posts (not including this one), I find discord easier to use than the forums. If you do choose to accept me as a staff member, I can promise you that it will be a good choice. ;)

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