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    Hello everyone!

    I've decided to build a functionall library on creative. The main goal of this project is to collect as many player writen books as posible. Anyone is free to submit their books, the books can contain: knowledge (some tutorials, build styles etc..), biography (stories of people or yourself), fiction (stories, novels, lore etc..) maby even something related to a "SK cults/groups" if you know of any. But it is not limited to those 3 categories.

    Note: That only books that have more then 3 pages of text will be added to the collections. And this text should contain some interesting/valuble information.

    Hope to see your books soon!
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    This reminds me of how some players wrote a fanfic about a forbidden staff-player relationship involving @Roesanna :D

    I cannot remember the plot though and I don't think there are any copies of that thing :(
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