Towny Chagelog 2019-09-27 - CEs, NoCheatPlus

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    Hello everybody,

    In this update we will focus on adjusting CEs, especially in respect to archery. Previously, one of the main issues was that most armor enchantments were only triggered by direct attacks, but not arrows, which lead to several problems with balancing. Of course, it would be weird if shooting a player from two dozen blocks away would set you ablaze, therefore CEs like Molten still won’t be triggered by bows. Another issue were Sniper and Lethal Sniper, which deals incredible damage if you were lucky enough to score multiple headshots in a row. As always, please post any feedback or suggestions you might have beneath this thread. The detailed changes are listed below:

    • Fixed an issue that Sniper and Lethal Sniper would deal even more damage than indicated in the description
    • Since successful hits with Sniper and Lethal Sniper could deal incredible amounts of damage in a short time, the cooldown for the bonus headshot damage has been increased to 20 seconds
    • "Heavy", a CE that reduces damage taken from arrows by a certain percentage, has been added back (it was removed since it only reduced damage when players where physically hit with a bow before)
    • Weapon specific defense enchantments like Armored, Heavy and Tank were boosted quite substantially to make them more relevant. They now absorb 4% of the damage taken per enchantment level (instead of 2%)
    • The following defensive enchantments will now be triggered by arrows as well:
    • Curse
    • Endershift
    • SelfDestruct
    • Undead Ruse
    • Smoke Bomb
    • Hardened
    • Rocket Escape
    • Ragdoll
    • Dodge
    • Guardians
    • Ender Walker
    • Valor
    • Metaphysical
    • Sprits
    • Clarity
    • Enlighted
    • Inversion
    • Death God
    • Divine Enlighted
    • Ethereal Dodge
    • Daph
    Last but not least, Daph updated our NoCheatPlus plugin last week. This update should fix a lot of the annoying day-to-day issues like glitches with Exp bottles, running over slabs/stairs, standing on boats, etc. If you still experience any issues related to this plugin, especially if they keep occurring, please inform us so we can in turn forward them to the developers!

    Best of Luck!
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