Towny Changelog 2019-05-31 - Performance adjustments

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    Hey everyone!

    Due to our current issues with the spawner/mob stacker plugin we decided to adjust a few other things for now to hopefully improve the server performance during periods of higher activity. We will still try to make the stacker plugin work, but since there are several issues with plugins like Jobs and SilkSpawners, this might take a while.

    Quick summary of the adjustments:
    • Disabled AI of mobs from spawners (This means that mobs from spawners will not move on their own or attack players, but they will still be pushed by pistons and water, so all the grinders should still work as before)
    • Reduced the spawn frequency of monsters (Depending on the impact, we might have to adjust the hunter job later on)
    • Reduced the sell prices for prismarine & sea lanterns (So that making other players use your guardian grinder and taking the loot is less profitable [essentially less free money])
    If you have questions and/or feedback, feel free to leave a reply!

    Good luck!

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