Towny Changelog 2019-06-12 - Guardians, Cook & Doors

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    Hey everybody!

    You might still remember the last update which was focused on increasing the server's performance by disabling the AI of spawned mobs among other things. However, this isn't possible to implement for the most popular kind of farm: the guardian farm. Since we don't want to nerf natural mob spawning even further, we decided to make killing guardians a bit less attractive by lowering the rewards (in comparison, spawner grinders do not give money at all).

    • Reduced income (Hunter) from killing guardians by 50%
    • Reduced shop prices for selling cod with /sell slightly
    • Reduced the income (Chef) of cooking cod by 40%
    Other changes:
    • Reduced the income (Chef) of cooking potatoes and dried kelp a bit due to their high availability
    • Made the XP rewards (Chef) for cooking items a bit more consistent
    • Doors aren't automatically anymore when they are placed (they still can be locked with /lock)
    If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a reply!

    Good luck!
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    I like you want to make all money making on the server equal, but this is a big bang in my economy :(

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