Towny Changelog 2019-08-19 – Jobs, CEs, /sell and others

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    Hello everybody,

    This changelog is going to be a bit longer than usual, since things kept piling up and other things got delayed and so on. With the next server restart, there will be a brand-new job as well as small yet significant changes to AdvancedEnchantments, /sell and McMMO. As always, if you have questions and/or feedback to the changes feel free to share your thoughts in this thread!


    A job that rewards towny players for building things has been something people wanted to have for a while now. Therefore, we are glad to finally bring back the job that has been last seen in the very first towny server on this network. You should keep in mind though that placing lots of random blocks to get money is not something we want to encourage and for that reason the rewards will not be very high. This means you should see this job more as a small aid for people that are building instead of a “proper” job. That being said, the balancing is not final, and the prices might be increased if we think it is safe to do so.

    • Builder: We added almost 200 of the most popular building blocks to this job (to make that number a bit more manageable, we didn't add rarely used blocks like fence gates and glazed terracotta). Currently all the rewards are the same for placing each block, since placing blocks takes the same time, no matter which type they are, and they can be picked up again afterwards, but this might be adjusted later on as well in specific cases.
    • Miner: Added small rewards for breaking ice, packed ice and blue ice.
    • Netherworker: Fixed an issue with nether bricks and doubled the reward for breaking glowstone.
    Changed the effect of Reforged to restore some item durability on mob kills. It can now be applied to all weapons, bows included. This change is mostly intended to offer an alternative to Mending on weapons like the Bow of Link (The description of already existing Reforged CE books will remain the same, but the new effect will be applied when they are used).

    Since there were complaints of people selling their 6-hours-fly-feathers on accident, feathers will be removed from /sell for now (selling feathers wasn't really worth it anyways, so we feel that this adjustment is the easiest way to address that problem).

    Fixed an issue where leveling up the skills would take (way) longer than intended, especially on higher levels.

    Changes from the last update that didn’t get their own changelog:

    • The minimum distance from other towns to create a town has been increased to 10 plots (so people won’t start towns right next to you)
    • The minimum distance from other towns to claim plots has been reduced to 3 plots (so that the area between two towns that cannot be claimed is smaller)
    • Auctions (/ah sell) now last for 48 hours, bids last up to five minutes
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    About time!
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    Yay, the builder job will be back
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    Finaly a builder job again! I'm so happy. Thanks ;)

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