Towny Changelog 2019-11-11 - Fisherman & /sell

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    Hello everybody!

    This update will focus mostly on changing the fisherman job up a bit to make earning money more consistent overall. We also decided to add a few more items to /sell to make selling items a bit more convenient, so you don’t have to craft bread every time you want to sell some wheat. Additionally, we updated the Jobs plugin today to fix some issues, so if you should find any new bugs, etc., please report them to a staff member. :D


    One of the main inconsistencies with the fisherman job was that you get more and more “treasures” as you level up your McMMO fishing. This would result in a lower overall income, since you only got paid for catching fish and not for all the tools/armor/whatever you got as well. For this reason, there will be changes to both McMMO and Jobs:
    • McMMO: The chances to catch a fish is now about 85% for all levels of fishing (meaning you will get other stuff in ~15% of cases).
    • Job rewards have been added for all the “treasues”, so you will get money every time you catch something, be it fish, trash or an actual treasure.
    • In order to not affect the overall balancing too much, the rewards for catching fish has been lowered, overall you should still make money more or less as fast as before.

    Added items to /sell:
    • Wheat
    • Hay bales
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    im kinda like aww you changed the job, but at the same time im like yes!

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