Towny Changelog 2019-11-22 - Enchantments, Server difficulty

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    Hello everybody,

    In this changelog we will feature quite a few changes to advanced/custom enchantments ranging from their effect on mobs to general bug fixes. To keep things still a bit challenging, we have decided to increase the server difficulty as well. All of these changes will be in effect after the next restart. As usual, should you have any questions or feedback, leave a replay beneath this post!

    Advanced/Custom Enchantments

    Since people are often confused when these enchantments don’t seem to work in PvE, we decided to change this wherever it was possible. From this point forward, many enchantments (both armor and weapon), will now be triggered if you hit mobs (or are hit by them). The descriptions of all the enchantments that still only work in PvP have been adjusted to make this clear. So everything that doesn't specifically mention enemy players, will work against mobs as well. Old enchanted books will still display the old description, but they will still have the new effect.

    List of enchantments now working in PvE (sorted by rarity):
    • Swords: Insomnia, Ice Aspect, Obliterate, Thundering Blow, Paralyze, Poison, Trap, Vampire, Block, Dominate, Double Strike, Inversion, Life Steal, Demonic Lifesteal, Reflective Block, Titan Trap
    • Axes: Berserk, Pummel, Ravenous, Blessed, Bleed, Corrupt, Barbarian, Blacksmith, Deep Bleed, Master Blacksmith
    • Bows: Explosive, Lightning, Infernal, Snare, Venom, Arrow Lifesteal, Hellfire, Piercing, Bidirectional Teleportation
    • Armor: Cactus, Molten, Ragdoll, Frozen, Hardened, Poisoned, Stormcaller, Voodoo, Wither, Dodge, Guardians, Spirits, Valor, Clarity, Deathbringer, Enlighted, Daph, Divine Enlighted Ethereal Dodge, Planetary Deathbringer
    • Specific Armor: Undead Ruse, Shockwave, Ender Walker, Metaphysical, Diminish, Vengeful Diminish

    Due to a bug with the current version of AdvancedEnchantments the following enchantments do not work against mobs yet, but will so at a later date (according to the developer it requires some major work, so it might take a while):
    • Enrage, Rage, Curse, Endershift, Death God, Blacksmith, Master Blacksmith

    Other enchantment related changes and fixes:
    • Since the Ender Dragon will most likely be way easier to kill now and can be spawned at will, the rewards for killing it will be reduced by 50%.
    • Shackle should now work more reliably, compensate for Knockback and work in PvP.
    • Implants & Alien Implants should now work more reliably without any randomness.
    • Bleed now has a cooldown (like Deep Bleed).
    • Devour: Fixed an issue that this enchantment would always do extra damage, now it only deals damage if the enemy player is actually bleeding (McMMO swords skill).


    Now with all those enchantments finally being useful when fighting mobs, we feel it is safe to increase the server difficulty from easy to hard. This way fighting mobs should be a little bit more challenging (should they decide to spawn that is :D).

    Edit: Removed support for Blacksmith/Master Blacksmith due to a bug. Added Enlighted/Divinine Enlighted back.
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