Creative Changes 4/30/19

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    First Creative changelog in a while! Let's go!

    • Added some extra warnings about version 1.12.2 being the recommended version on Creative. Many players have been very confused about why doors/fences/chests aren't connecting correctly, and unfortunately there's no way that we can fix this right now. We hope to have a proper fix or update out soon to fix this.
    • Made the scoreboard significantly smaller, so it doesn't take up half of your screen anymore. As normal, toggle the scoreboard with /board.
    • Changed the server currency from SKoins to just Coins. "SKoin" was cute and all when we first coined it (pun intended), but I've personally grown to absolutely hate it. Furthermore, new players have no idea what an "SKoin" is, and I've decided to change this to prevent unnecessary confusion.
    • Various redecorating around the server to be more consistent with Towny3.
    That's all for now. If you have any suggestions for Creative, be sure to submit them here.

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    You will be put on trail for this blasphemy.... it's SKIONS!

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