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    Hello Players,

    We will be trying out a fun little chat game on the Towny server. Starting today, you will occasionally notice messages in chat prompting you to "hover for the word." This is part of the new chat game that has been installed. The goal of the game is to type the word in chat first for a monetary reward.


    How To Play

    There are two possibilities: 1) the plugin will scramble the word and you must unscramble it and type it, or 2) the plugin will give you the word in the correct order and you must type it first to win the reward. The plugin has an extensive list of words that it will randomly choose.


    Although this is subject to change, right now, the plugin grants monetary rewards. *Not all rewards are the same. They are random monetary amounts, which means that there are many possibilities. The only way to know what the possibilities are is to keep playing!

    How to Activate the Game

    There must be at least 12 players online for the game to become active. Furthermore, the game will activate every 12 minutes if that criteria is met.


    That is all for now. I hope you guys enjoy this little game, and as always, be sure to report any issues to a staff member.

    Thank you,
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    This is so nice !

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