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    Since the last page regarding my city was on the old enjin forums and I hadn't gotten around to transferring it to here before it was removed entirely thought I'd make the newer one here

    Coalstrum city the large project estimated 409m^2 started by LuciferDiabolous on September of 2015(estimated time) which began in old natural as a castle(which was used my architect rank) then slowly became a city and moved to Architect before the world resets. Currently the city is still under heavy development and won't be completed for quite a while(if ever *sweats*) with 8 districts currently(possible 9th secret district underway) the 8 districts being as I stated in the last posts with some changes are;

    DISTRICT 1 - Entrance District
    The first area you enter into the city by the southern gate which leads to 3 connecting districts on the east, west, and northern sides
    Inside the district is a large water reservoir which water from the castle's moat drains into from the north side. Another feature to the Entrance District is the 2 stairways leading down into the Subway Station which will connect all 8 of the districts after it's completed

    DISTRICT 2 - Commerce District
    To the east of the Entrance District lies the Commerce District which will host all of the city's shopping areas including stall areas obviously not for actual use more rp if people want to

    DISTRICT 3 - Residential District
    North of the commercial District and twice the size of any other district in the city is the Residential District the main feature of the this area is the Coalstrum Clock Tower which is viewable from most of the residential district and the castle's main tower (a really good view tbh) the residential district will feature housing lots for a list of people I've been saving up(max 85) aswell as several manors I've dedicated to certain individuals who've really helped me keep going with Coalstrum since it started

    DISTRICT 4 - Resource District
    At the central northern district of the city is the Resource Zone which features a lack aswell as an access tunnel to the coal mines which were so vastly super rich it allowed me to build Coalstrum(yeah okay that's actually a total lie don't listen to this idiot there's not enough coal in the world to build this damned city)

    DISTRICT 5 - Industrial District
    On the North Western area of the city lies the Industrial District of the city where we burn off orp- fossil fuels to create as much pollution as possible*coughs* great for the environment and such

    DISTRICT 6 - Graveyard District
    The Central western district of the city The Graveyards of Coalstrum features 4 separate graveyards 2 large monoliths that basically have no purpose 2 large statue bases and lots of lions statues aswell as the Necropolis which will lead into the crypts I'll build that shall house all the dead of Coalstrum

    DISTRICT 7 - Entertainment District
    Basically a district that will have an arena and maybe some other stuff like a jousting yard and some other medieval sport things

    DISTRICT 8 - Lucifer's Castle
    My sweet ass crib yo' got me Arch in Feb of 16
    Basically it's friggin sweet and it's got a really cool dungeon aswell 3 torture chambers aswell as various other components, it's currently getting an overhaul so it's not just a lot of stone brick and coal

    Residential sign up information; please state in the comments of this post if you wish to have a house in my city, after all available slots are occupied I will remove the part of the post mentioning it, and will remove the comments so people aren't confused by it

    **Please note that the previous screenshots that were supplied to me by RYTY while wonderful are now outdated compared to the current progress of the city I may ask players to supply some screenshots in the near future when areas are finished in the city**
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    Nice! Keep up the great work. I'll definitely be interested to see. :D
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