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    I read the rules today for the Towny server and noticed that there a conflicts in the rules.

    mainly based on these rules set

    14. Harassment (sexual/verbal/etc.) towards a player on the server.
    - Mute/permanent mute/tempban/permanent ban. This depends on how severe and which type. (staff member's decision).

    Griiefing is only allowed outside of towns

    Scamming is allowed

    For griefing for example if a set up somehow that i chops trees outside of a town limit, but the other party doesnt like that he can claim harassment but i am alowed to do so, if i didnt plan back the sapplings of course.

    For scamming here the catch, scamming one person is fine, scamming the one person okay, scamming a third time can be condidered harassment yes

    scamming 1 person, then another then another is also harassment towards the community The subject of harassment doenst need to be one person

    Also if i pass by someone town again and again and he just hates my guts he can claim harasmment and still win his case in a sense if you follow the rules.

    just one to point it out. Thats why Eula has pages and pages of lawyer speech to try and cover whats whats unless you want to creat a better fuller rules page to really specify what the admins chose to be breaking of said rules

    Also Scamming should have a clause for tokens and mcmmo credits since

    Shulker box and hopper cant be lock clause - aka cant be picked

    where as tokens and credits cant be safely traded with /trade - they also should be protected

    Whats with your conflict of ideas there.

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    Harassment would be mainly verbal the rule that would stop this would be rule.

    5. Building within 150 blocks of a Town you don't belong to.
    - 1st time: Warning from staff.
    - 2nd time: Possible deletion or relocation of your build(s).

    You can use /towny map to see if you are close to a town.

    The server is set up with a /trade and in /auc the item is listed , If a player still gets scammed then that is on them.
    Scamming and harassment are 2 different things I dont see anything wrong with what you listed above unless the player repeatedly buggs the player for this trade to happen.

    This is why under rule 14 (harassment) it says : This depends on how severe and which type. (staff member's decision).
    This means if you where that unlucky to random tp there and you get spotted when you explain to a staff member I dont see you get into any problems because of it.

    I agree that the unsafe trading of tokens and credits could cause trouble thats why It would fall under scamming atm and would be seen as breaking the rules. Thank you for telling us about this.

    There are towny specific rules listed and this is on there.
    8. Taking from unlocked chests is allowed. This does NOT include Shulker Boxes or hoppers as these cannot be locked.

    This would also be breaking rules.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this out the rules are the base of every server and we as a staff team work hard to try to improve them.
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