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Interests in the contest feature

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  1. BlueBoat

    BlueBoat Member

    Jan 21, 2017
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    With the introduction of creative 3.0, there was the addition/revival of a contest world. Personally, i was really excited for this feature as giving a competitive edge to building motivates me to build more often as well as making the overall process more enjoyable.
    Unfortunately this feature is yet to be utilised and considering the fact natural (A very popular world) was removed for performance improvements, it almost seems like that was the wrong decision and the contest world should be replaced with natural. I'm aware natural was likely more server intense and i don't claim to know much about the subject of server load but I'd guess that having a completely unused world is a waste of server space. Like I said earlier, I was very excited for the addition of contest and would therefore love for the contests to be kicked off soon. I'm aware that lots of work comes with setting up a contest which is probably why one hasn't been hosted yet but i feel it'll be a very valuable addition to the server for those who enjoy the competitive rank system of creative. I also feel like making a feature of competitions would encourage more competitive builders to join because with the introduction of other gamemodes, the server became less specialist as a creative server and this would draw more attention back to creative, encouraging a different crowd of players to join, increasing the overall playercount which is good :D.
    This thread serves more of a reminder that the contest world exists and that some players are eager to get involved with this feature while also posing the question as to whether or not it is worth having a contest world and is not meant to be confrontational or overly assertive.
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  2. Kayoz

    Kayoz Daph's Baby Boy

    Jan 15, 2017
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    This is a very good point. Despite the popularity of the contest idea, there's been literally 0 since the inception of it. It wouldn't exactly be much of a loss to change/remove it. If it were removed, and contests still wanted to be ran, the world could be loaded temporarily during the contest period, then taken out after the time is over.

    Alternatively, on the topic of Natural freebuild, I would rather see the Advanced Natural world changed into an open Natural world for all players.
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  3. Ultrabrain

    Ultrabrain Member

    Jan 21, 2017
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    I understand that staff is busy with the new server development and that organising contests on creative isn't a priority, but it would be much appreciated if we could have an idea of when we can expect one. It is a promoted feature of creative 3.0 after all.
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  4. Juicetice_

    Juicetice_ New Member

    Apr 7, 2018
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    I would love to see contests being brought into the creative server. I asked the staff about this before and told me it was here before and that it might appear in creative in the future so yeah, there should be a chance of returning. Hopefully very soon
  5. Link_Targaryen

    Link_Targaryen Manager

    Jan 20, 2017
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    I am currently planning some contests to be held this summer. Perhaps as early as mid-May.

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