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    Hello everyone!

    It's time to showcase your creativity and building skills once again. This time around, we have a exciting themes that will test your imagination and push your limits. So gather your tools and materials, and get ready to create something truly extraordinary. We can't wait to see the amazing structures you'll come up with!
    We are proud to present: Shadow Kingdom's 10th Building Contest.

    This time, the theme will be decided by your votes.

    • February 19th - February 22th: Theme Poll.
    • February 25th: Theme announcement, building begins!
    • March 29th: Building ends, judging starts.
    • April 8th: Results are published.
    • Harry Potter
      Attention all Minecraft wizards and witches! Have you ever dreamed of attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Now is your chance to bring that dream to life with our Harry Potter themed build contest!

    • Journey to new galaxies:
      T-10 seconds and counting, Activate main engine hydrogen burnoff system.
      T-6 seconds, Ground launch sequencer commands main engine start.
      T-0 seconds, Solid Rocket Boosters, and we got lift-off!
      Spaceships and cities. Asteroids and astronauts. The very furthest corners of the universe are your playground in this space-themed building contest.

    • Pirates & Parrots:
      Ahoy, Matey! Allow me to invite you to my mighty ship. Hoist the sails and climb into the crows nest. Next stop on our epic travels is palm tree island. Together with my crew of buccaneers we'll conquer the seven seas in search of the treasure.
      Can you conquer the contest with this theme?

    • Knights & Dragons
      Ever dreamed of a time when chivalry ruled the land? When knights rode horses and dragons roamed the countryside? Are you ready to face the dragons and emerge victorious as a hero of old? Come experience the adventure of a lifetime and travel back to the medieval ages!
    To vote on a theme, click on the link below; please keep in mind that this poll will require you to sign in to Google, however, we will NOT be collecting any emails or personal information. The login requirement is purely to reduce duplicate answers from individuals or any other mishaps.

    Build Contest Theme Poll:

    Click here

    For this contest, we will award the following to the top ten builds:
    • 1st Place: 1,000 points + $50 donation store coupon + A render of their build made by Jstoeckm2
    • 2nd Place: 750 points + $25 donation store coupon+ A render of their build made by Jstoeckm2
    • 3rd Place: 500 points + $15 donation store coupon+ A render of their build made by Jstoeckm2
    • 4th - 5th Place: 250 points + $10 donation store coupon
    • 6th - 10th Place: 125 points
    • Every finished plot: 50 Coins

    Contest Rules:

    • No group builds allowed.
    • Everything must be built on the server in the designated world, after the opening date.
    • No copying other content.
    • No build mods/clients allowed (e.g. Schematica, Litematica).
    We recommend building in default texture pack, as that is what they will be viewed with and judged in.

    Good luck and happy building!
    SK Staff
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