Creative Build Contest 2 - Journey Through Time

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    The results are in, We're pleased to announce that the theme for this build contest is Journey Through Time!

    This poll was a close one, here are the final results:

    Theme Description: Time travel is real, and you've just stepped out of your machine into the great unknown. Where do you, intrepid explorer, find yourself today? Take us on a journey through the ages to a time long gone, or a world we have yet to experience.


    For this contest, we will award the following to the top ten builds:

    1st Place: 1,000 points + $50 donation store coupon
    2nd Place: 750 points + $25 donation store coupon
    3rd Place: 500 points + $15 donation store coupon
    4th - 5th Place: 250 points
    6th - 10th Place: 125 points

    The top three builds will earn a place in the museum world, and their builders a sign at spawn!

    How To Participate:
    • Join our creative server at and use /Warp Contest
    • Claim a plot and start building!
    For this contest, we have increased the plot size to 101x101 blocks! You'll be able to move your builds to the plot world when the contest is over, and submit them as builds.

    Contest Rules:
    • No group builds allowed.
    • Everything must be built on the server in the designated world, after the opening date.
    • No copying others' content.
    • No build mods/clients allowed (e.g. Schematica).
    • We recommend building in default texture pack, as that is what they will be judged in.
    • Staff members (including their alt accounts) are not allowed to participate.
    When do we start?
    Right now! When this announcement is made, the contest will begin, and everybody can participate! The contest will run until 28 August and results will be announced one week later on 4 September.

    Good luck! We're looking forward to seeing your best builds!
    SK staff

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