Creative Build Contest 2 - Results!

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    Firstly, congratulations to everyone who took part in this contest! We had many very good builds, and judging was no mean feat.

    Everyone who took part now has 2 weeks to copy their build to the regular plotworld and submit it from there if they wish. The top three builds will be copied to the museum and submitted from there. Store coupons and build points will also be distributed over the next few days.

    Here are the winners of the contest:

    1st Place: Ultrabrain (1000 points + $50 donation store coupon)

    2nd Place: Mechagale (750 points + $25 donation store coupon)

    3rd Place: Luminiscient (500 points + $15 donation store coupon)

    4th and 5th Place: queenofblades97 and Pizza_Hut (250 points)

    6th - 10th place: StepbroBrian, BluFlaneur, AnimalGamr, Riannanas_, ACepheidVariable (125 points)

    Many thanks to everyone who participated, and to the staff members for judging. Stay tuned for more contests in the future!
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    Congratulations to all participants and thanks to the staff for organizing this contest. The competition was strong and many builders made amazing creations. I'm surprised about my placement, considering the amount of quality displayed in the entire top 10
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    Congrats to everybody! Loving how great these submissions are. Can't wait to see where the next comps go :)
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