Creative Build Contest 4 - Staff Results!

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    Dear everyone,

    The results for the contest builds made by staff members are in! After three weeks of unstoppable building, a few days of hard judging decisions, and a whole lot of fun, we're proud to present the staff results!
    Next Saturday (April 24th) we'll announce the real winners of our contest.

    Thanks to an amazing group of world-class judges we managed to get a ranking of our competing staff members.

    1st Place: Marijke2382

    2nd Place: jstoeckm2

    3rd Place: Lamna

    4th Place: 0o0_0o0

    5th Place: iamimemi

    6th Place: pastelnarwhal

    7th Place: Alikenila

    Many thanks to everyone who made this build contest possible, you're amazing, keep building!
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