CreativeBD - 1.18 Update + Scheduled Downtime

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    Hello everybody!

    I am excited to finally announce a huge update for our Creative Build Discovery server! Due to the many new features in 1.18, most importantly the extended height limits, we decided to skip several versions so you can experiment with the new possibilities as soon as possible. :D

    Since this update requires us to work on our actual server, we will have take it offline for several days. This is to ensure that the worlds are updated correctly and all the plugin data is converted without any issues. If everything works out as intended, you will be able to continue building right where you left. You will keep all your builds and ranks! This is our current schedule:
    • Jan 31st: We will take the server offline.
    • Jan 31st- Feb 3rd: Update of the server.
    • Feb 4th: Release of CreativeBD 1.18
    Please keep in mind that these dates are just an estimate and things might always take a bit longer than expected. We will keep you updated though! ;)

    The 1.18 update hasn't been released that long ago, so there are bound to be some things that do not work perfectly yet (What is the opposite of good? - Perfect). According to our preliminary testing the most features should work already though. We will release a list of all existing issues with the release on February 4th, so you are all aware.

    Big shout out to @JST who did/will do most of the testing and work!

    Best of luck!
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