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    Creative Build Discovery: Build Plugin Full Command List


    < > = Required Argument
    [ ] = Optional Argument

    Creation Commands:

    • /build submit - Submit a new build.
    • /build delete <ID> - Delete a build submission (gained points will be lost).
    • /build confirm - Confirm a build deletion.
    Edit a Submission:

    • /build setname <ID> <new name> - Change a build's name.
    • /build setdescription <ID> <new desc> - Change a build's desc.
    • /build setspawn <ID> - Change a build's spawn point.
    • /build setbounds <ID> - Change a build's region.
    • /build setimage <ID> <image URL> - Change a build's image URL.
    Social Commands:

    • /build list [new] [page] - List newest submitted builds (default).
    • /build list player <player> [page] - List builds by a specific player.
    • /build list trend [page] - List trending builds (most popular at the current time).
    • /build list points [page] - List builds which garnered the most points.
    • /build info <ID> - View information about a specific build.
    • /build hof [page] - View most popular builders ordered by point totals.
    • /build points [player] - View point total for yourself or a player.
    Engagement Commands:

    • /build tp <ID> - Teleport to a build submission's spawn point.
    • /build like <ID> - Like a build submission.
    • /build unlike <ID> - Unlike a build submission.
    • /build comment <ID> <comment> - Comment on a build submission.
    • /build removecomment <ID> - Remove a comment from a build submission.
    • /build listlikes <ID> - View users who liked a build submission.
    • /build listcomments <ID> - Lists all comments on a build submission.
    Misc Commands:

    • /build broadcast <ID> [time] - Purchase extra build advertisements using in-game currency.
    • /build news [page] - View latest notification for all of your build submissions (likes, comments, views).
    • /build profile [player] - View overview of a builder or yourself (totals, total submissions, rank).
    Staff Commands:

    • /build move <ID> - Move a build submission to a new location.
    • /build enable <ID> - Enable a build submission.
    • /build disable <ID> - Disable a build submission.
    • /build viewbounds <ID> - Toggle particles to view build submission region. Type again to toggle off.
    • /build list disabled [page] - List all currently disabled build submissions.
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