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    Hello everybody!

    Like on most creative servers, that offer free access to WorldEdit, players that try to build lag machines or laggy plots are a very common sight. Since not always a staff member is online to fix the issue immediately and crashes always have a risk of corrupting valuable data, we implemented a new system to combat this. We are still working on the details but we wanted to give you a brief overview nonetheless.

    The plugin essentially does two things: It limits the number of certain blocks that can be placed in a chunk and it prevents certain blocks from being pasted through WorldEdit. Right now, most of these restrictions only apply to the Apprentice rank. They do not have any effect on you, once you reach the Creator rank or when building in private worlds. On the other hand this allows us to enable certain other blocks like pistons again to a degree.

    The current limitations are the following:
    • A maximum of 256 tile-entities can be placed per chunk (e.g. furnaces, shulker boxes or skulls)
    • Components commonly used in lag machines can only be placed a certain number of times per chunk (e.g. redstone)
    • Any of these blocks cannot be copied by WorldEdit
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