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    Hello Players,


    Our new Creative Build Discovery is now RELEASED! You can directly connect to it using one of the following IP addresses right from your server list:


    To celebrate this moment, ALL donation RANKS and UPGRADES are 50% off until the end of November!
    With every purchase of a rank or upgrade during this sale, you will be rewarded 50 free Coins on the Creative server! So what are you waiting for? Get your ranks here:

    One of my favorite new features on our new Creative server is the donator private building worlds. Using this custom feature, every single donator can generate themselves a massive freebuild world to build anything they want.

    To learn more about this feature, check out this tutorial:

    Creative v3.0 will be accessible from CreativeBD through the /oldcreative command. When you are on this server, you may download an unlimited amount of builds using the WorldEdit //download command (everyone has access!). Everyone may also download entire plots easily using the /plot download command.

    Along with this, every player may choose one build to transfer to the new Creative Build Discovery server from Creative v3.0. This must be a build that you made yourself (staff can check)! To do this, simply ask a Moderator or higher while on the server (or through a /modreq), and be sure to specify where you would like your build to be pasted on the new server! Ex: plot, largeplot, private world, etc.

    Creative Build Discovery is our most ambitious project yet, and I'm so happy that the day has finally come where we publicly launch it. I would like to, once again, thank the CreativeBD Team and Beta Testers for their hard work in helping us deliver something that we could feel proud of.

    As always, be sure to report any bugs/issues to a staff member.

    Thank you,
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