Dev Blog #1: How to effectively backup a Minecraft server.

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  1. Matt

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    Hypixel did this, and we think it's cool... so we're copying them.

    We just setup a new backup system on ShadowKingdom, it's called Borg, and it's cool as f#$k.
    Borg is an all-in-one backup solution, for just about anything.

    ShadowKingdom has a (kind of) remote dedicated storage server. It has ~1.1TBs of available space. We do this because the game servers that we use only have 250GB SSDs, which is great for gamemodes, but not so great for backups.

    We wrote a bash script to automate the backup process, and use a cronjob to run it every 6 hours.
    For example, this is the script that backs up creative:
    Full script available here

    This single Borg command backs up our entire Creative server. Borg is smart enough to know what it has already backed up in the past, so after the initial backup it gets much quicker. The first time we backed up creative it took over 30 minutes to complete, now it only takes ~7 seconds. Our creative server is 15GBs, and after 5 backups it has only used 14GBs of storage on our backup server. That's pretty damn cool.

    This is where it gets really cool. To restore backups, you mount them as a kind-of network drive. After being mounted, you can browse the directory structure like normal.

    ShadowKingdom now backups everything; gamemodes, forums, databases etc, every 6 hours. If you want an amazing backup solution, definitely check out Borg.

    Vote above if you're interested in more of these SK dev blogs, I enjoy writing them. :)
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    Dev Blog gets a 9/10
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