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    Hello everyone!

    Our Creative Build Contest: Magic in all of us, has now ended! Results will be announced April 17th.
    While staff is judging your builds, you can judge staffs creations.:) Simply click the following link to get to the form:

    Easter is coming!
    Our dearest EasterRubyo visited our servers to hide some eggs! There are 50 eggs hidden in the Towny spawn and another 50 in the Creative spawn.

    When you find an egg, simply click it to claim it as found. When you find an egg, you will get the reward it holds inside! (but watch out, not every egg has a reward)
    Some eggs are easier to find than others, but with the right amount of patience and skills you should be able to find them all. ;)

    Because we are currently reworking some of our store ranks and perks, there won't be a sale during this Easter Event. However, to compensate we've increased the value of the rewards in the eggs!

    Use /easter info to get extra info about the hunt and how to check your progress so far.

    When you find all 50 eggs on Towny, you will be rewarded with an unique event item!

    When you find all 50 heads on Creative, you will be rewarded with a unique rank that gives you the following perms until May 1st!

    - Access to the following Building Tools: WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, GoBrush & GoPaint.
    - Access to ArmorstandsTools to give your builds that extra level of detail.

    Will you find all the eggs and claim the ultimate prize?
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