End and Resource World Reset on September 12th + Plugin updates v4.1.2

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    Hi everyone!

    It has been a while since the 1.16.5 Nether update was released on our Towny server, bringing the new Nether world and a bunch of other changes to the current Towny v4.1.1. Since the Resource world and especially the End world are usually looted fairly quickly, we have decided to reset them on Sunday, September 12th. To give as many players as possible a fair chance, the new End world will be opened at 6 pm CET/ 12 pm CST.

    If you still have anything of value in either of these worlds, make sure to grab it BEFORE that Sunday!

    Additionally, we will introduce a number of small plugin updates and fixes. A changelog for Towny v4.1.2 will be posted along with the reset of the End and Resource World next Sunday.

    Best of luck!
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