End-of-the-Year Sale 20/21

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    Hello players!

    I am pleased to announce the final sale of the year. Until the 3rd of January, all ranks and rank upgrades are 65% cheaper. So if you have been thinking about getting one of our ranks, this is the time to get it, since this will most likely be the highest discount for a while.

    Check out the awesome rank perks at https://store.shadowkingdom.org/ or use /buy in-game (make sure you enter the right username when using the website though). :)

    On top of that, the frosty winter version of our lobby has now been released as well, so check it out, if you haven't already!

    I would also like to mention the two other events that are currently running until the 3rd of January:

    Creative Build Contest - Winter is Coming
    Compete in this winter-themed contest with other players for fame and prizes in the form of store coupons and build points! Check out the details here.

    Towny Winter Event
    Complete a number of challenges fitting the season to obtain nice rewards and unique, personalized items (we will think of a more creative name for this event next time XD)! Check out the details here.

    With this I would like to thank everybody who has been with us through this troublesome year. A server like ours is shaped by its community, by the people who play on it, and the people who make sure it keeps working. Without any of them it could not exist. Therefore, I am extremely thankful for everybody who has helped making it the awesome place it is in the past and present!

    Best of luck to all of you!

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