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    Hey guys! I know I'm pretty new to your server, but I joined because of a friend of mine, and figured, why not try to help out? I can already tell this server has an amazing community, and I've always absolutely loved towny servers. Anyways, enough about me, lets get to what I think can help the server, shall we?

    Well, long story short, I own my own small server, and I've moderated on a few others, and entity lag has always been a big issue for vanilla servers. Mob grinders, lots of entities spawned around lots of people, it can really bog down a server. :mad: I remember stumbling across a plugin that I love dearly today, as it has saved me and other people a lot of hardships.The only thing I don't know is what Plugin Manager you're using, but my favorite plugin was always MobStacker for Minecraft SpigotMC. They have a version available for 1.9, which I know the server has a plugin or two made for 1.9, so if we have Spigot, it's an option.

    But, it's not really about that specific plugin, it's about entity stackers. They reduce a huge amount of lag, and on top of that, it can help reduce the amount of damage that grinders can do to an economy by slowing the kill speed of a large crowd of mobs. But, like I said, I don't know all the plugins you guys use, but an entity remover doesn't, and really can't do as much as a mob/entity stacker does. That being said, it's very possible that these plugins can cause issues with the server, which is never a good thing of course. But I always found them as great solutions to entity lagging across the server, especially because I've witnessed this entity lag for myself, and I know you guys have issues with having the many people online that you always do. :rolleyes:

    Thanks for letting me rant here, hope that, if anything, I could help by bringing something to light for you guys! Love playing on the server, and I can't wait to help out more by making a welcoming environment for everyone, new player or old. Have a great week guys! :D

    (Edit: Forgot the link to the SpigotMC MobStacker in case you need it, so here:
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