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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by AmIPronkent, Sep 17, 2020.

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    I don't know how much you guys can change the blocks people can place and break in certain plottypes but I think we need to change one thing in farm plots.

    As of now people who grind some loot at a grinder or farm they are limited to their backpack and inventory. With wheat, iron, etc. you can condense but there are many other items people might wanna collect in large numbers. Since we cannot put items into shulkerboxes without placing them first, people who do not have high permissions in a town or nation cant make efficient use of these farms. If we change the plot perms inside a farm-plot to 'on' for building and destroying they should be allowed to place shulkerboxes and break them too.

    I have found one problem with this change though. Since these blocks have locks on them you would have to trust these people to not leave the shulkerboxes behind and maybe enforce a rule that the shulkerbox may be removed by staff if they do not comply. Normally if a player is gone for over 30 days their chests can be unlocked but since these plots are not their own and if the plot owner makes the rules clear, the shulkerbox should be allowed to be removed or unlocked by staff. Another solution could be that the shulkerbox doesnt automatically get locked when placed in these plots but that might be impossible.
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    Thanks for that suggestion. In theory we could add shulker boxes to farm plots, but as you already said, this might cause other issues. In general, we could also prevent shulker boxes from being locked globally, but that would probably cause more issues then it would solve as well.

    Maybe owners of grinders could place enderchests or something like that, which would at least help a little with the limited inventory space.

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