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    Mar 1, 2017
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    I can't believe it, Flash is gone ... people are saying "happy new year !" But what is there to be happy about ? The thing that made up ⬆ our childhoods is gone , at one point , we all experienced it in someway, for me.. it was Poptropica and Cool Math Games , I still can't believe ☝ it, Flash ⚡ is gone , and its never ❌ coming back ⬅, but thank you Flash ⚡ Adobe for the memories we all spent with you , I used to see you as an inconvenience ⏳ because I never had the updated version ℹ, but now I take it all back ⬅, you never ❌ know you love ❤ something until its gone , thank you Flash ⚡, we thank you for making our childhoods ....
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    Paying respects for another fallen hero

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