Had a great idea for a build but not got the time to build it yourself? Share it here!

Discussion in 'Creative Builds' started by PineMartenEmily, Apr 29, 2020.

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    Ever been midway through a build and had a great idea for another build but don't want to spread yourself too thin? Want to challenge someone to make something? Looking for ideas for your next build?

    Then this is the thread for you!

    Share your ideas as replies to this post, and maybe one day someone looking for inspiration will decide yours is that special suggestion.

    Here's a few to get you started:

    Lindisfarne Monastery under Viking attack

    Spaceship wreck on the surface of an alien planet

    Uncontacted Amazon tribe

    And as always, /whattobuild is your friend if all else fails!

    I'll be updating this post with some of my favourite suggestions.

    Happy building,
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  2. Marijke2382

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    Mari's Ideas:
    (the things in pink are my extra comments)

    -Flying frog with a witch riding it
    -Underwater temple with evil Sea Snake guarding a treasure
    -Giant Train (circus train for extra stars!)
    -A Zoo, with all your favorite animals!
    -The castle with too many spires (just spam all types of spires in all possible styles!)
    -Oversized robot
    -Big turtle with aladin riding it
    -The Dwarf and the seven snowwhites (fairy tales, but just a bit different)
    -just the old fashoned cathedral
    -cyberpunk city (very very modern, go wild with tech, computers, flying cars, ....)
    -treehouse plot! (big treehouse with enough space for a sleepover with all your friends, giant flowers, good vibes, ..)
    -Ancient Greek settlement
    -the most amazing theme park ever! (Will it be pirate themed, princes theme or will you go fully wild and go for the outer space kind of vibe?)
    -a Disney castle (that would make me very very happy!)
    -Try to build your own username (for example Emily can build a pine marten, Ultrabrain can make a Giant brain, NicePaninin can make a very nice panini!)
    -An airbase (steampunk, windpunk, hypermodern, space base, ...)
    -My last idea for this post, but one of the best :) : A unicorn!
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  3. Luminiscient

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    Jan 21, 2020
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    Cool post, I've got some ideas;

    - A giant cactus with a juice bar inside of it.
    - A vertical city built on the side of a cliff.
    - A giant blimp.
    - An ancient Egyptian settlement along the Nile.
    - A ski slope ( hidden yeti cave is optional ).
    - Jurassic Park.
    - A toxic swamp with fantasy flowers and creatures.
    - A polar research / expedition station.
    - A meteorite impacting the planet.
  4. BlueBoatt

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    Oct 27, 2019
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    - Hub train station inspired by the spirited away trains. In the water kinda thing. (Hard to explain but if you know you know)
    - Frozen over industrial facility.
    - Kowloon walled city.
    - (Big) Motorbike.
    - Town on stilts in ocean.
    - Reverse aquarium. Land on the inside, the ocean on the outside.
    - Creature made out of some kind of architectural style.
    - Your own version of a Bioshock city. 'There is always a man, a city, a lighthouse'
    - A fight scene between two organics using lots of effecty things like flying dust, shield splintering, and sword slashes.
    - Build a variety of houses with a base shape of a 16x16 cube then stack em.
    - Organic structure or a structure painted like you would terrain.
    - A modular dungeon crawler inspired map.
    - Moebius inspired organic + Vehicle.
    - Spaceship fleet inspired by various flowers.
    - Abandoned oil rig turned village.
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    Apr 7, 2020
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    Rapture from BioShock???????
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