HeightMap Tutorial for Easier Terrain!

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    Hello! I've seen a lot of people wondering how I make my mountains quickly... So I will be giving a tutorial for how these work and tips to help make your products look nice.

    So the first command you need to know is
    //br height (height)
    This is the standard command for heightmaps, FAWE already has a half decent height map that looks like this:

    After the basic heightmap you will want to start experimenting with different heightmaps... Before you figure out where to get heightmaps, you will need to learn what they are:
    A heightmap is an image in a monochromatic format. What this means is an image that has dark points and light points, light points are they highest points of the terrain (gets lighter as it gets higher) and dark points are the low points (as the part of the image gets darker, the terrain gets lower in that area)

    You can find heightmaps by simply looking up heightmaps on imgur, you add a heightmap by typing:
    //br height (height) (imgur link of the heightmap)
    I will attach an already decent heightmap with an image of what it looks like:
    //br height 50 https://i.imgur.com/JoSyq0z.png

    That's a simple explanation of how to use HeightMaps, if you want a more detailed explanation of how to use HeightMaps make sure to let me know in the comments.

    Extra Tip

    For a preview of what you will be doing you can also type into the chat:
    //br vis 2

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    Thanks for posting this! I'm still working on sourcing and creating a collection of heightmaps for the community, and a tutorial like this is really useful to demonstrate what they are and how they can be utilised :D

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