Introducing: Shadow Kingdom Factions v2.0 Coming June 8th!

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    Hello Players,

    After two long years, we are proud to introduce Shadow Kingdom Factions v2.0. One of the main things holding back Shadow Kingdom from growing since Kingdoms' demise was the lack of a well-established and fun PvP-oriented gamemode. On Shadow Kingdom Factions v2.0, we've combined all of the features that all you PvP-savvy warriors will enjoy, along with many never-before-seen features, plugins, and events, many of which are highlighted below.

    Factions servers are everywhere. In fact, Factions is the most common type of Minecraft survival server, and due to this, many Factions servers that you have probably joined in the past felt stale and monotonous. Over the course of many months, we have designed Shadow Kingdom Factions from the ground up with this fact in mind, and made sure to pack it with goals to reach and a constant stream of things to do, to avoid Shadow Kingdom Factions from becoming "just another stale Factions server." We hope you have fun reaching these goals when Factions opens on June 8th at noon EST!

    Server Ranks
    Shadow Kingdom Factions v2.0 has a very unique and custom ranking system that rewards various different play styles. The ranking ladder will be split between 5 separate ladders; Playtime, PvP/Kills, McMMO Levels, Mining, and Money. There will be a total of 16 achievable ranks, meaning that each ladder will receive 3 ranks. The last rank will be achieved after maxing all 5 ranking ladders. Since there will be 5 separate ranking ladders, everyone will be able to view the ranks they achieved and also change their prefix in chat using the /prefix command at any time to the rank(s) they've achieved.

    Envoy Events
    Every three hours on Factions v2.0, an Envoy event will begin. Envoy events are essentially a game of hide and seek. When an event begins, 7 Envoy Crates will be randomly scattered within 500 blocks from the platform at /warp Envoy. It is your duty to find these Crates before other players. But be careful! PvP will be enabled when you jump off the platform!

    Envoy Crates will reward you with a random CE Enchant depending on the Crate type. The possible types are Common, Rare, Legendary, and Dust. The Dust Crate will reward you with 5 Mystery Dust, which will randomly change into either Angel Dust or Fixing Dust. These dusts can be used to repair your CE Books when obtained. You can use the /ce info command at any time to read about the possible enchantments and where to find them.

    Custom Terrain
    One thing which will certainly set factions apart from every other server on the network is the server's custom terrain. We are very excited to see the structures everyone builds into this terrain and for everyone to be able to marvel at the beauty of the custom landscapes!

    We have made many changes to the VoteTokens system on Factions v2.0. The main change will be the conversion of Tokens from a virtual to physical currency. VoteTokens on Factions v2.0 will be a physical item, meaning that you can sell them in the Auction, trade them easily with other players, or even steal them from others by killing them. Furthermore, the TokenShop has received many updates, such as more spawners, Envoy Flares (to start an Envoy event immediately), and Mystery Dust to fix your CE Books. We believe this change will add much more to the VoteTokens system, and we hope everyone enjoys this change.

    Many veteran players will remember when we had Minigames on Creative v1.0. When we performed the 1.9 update, the Minigames plugin was broken. By the time the plugin was repaired by the developer and stable enough to use on SK, we never had a proper spot on the network where the games would fit. It was briefly suggested that we implement them on Creative v3.0, however, the world settings and special building permissions rendered the games unplayable without sacrificing many features, and due to that, the idea was scrapped at the last moment. I'm happy to announce the (hopefully permanent) return of Minigames on Factions v2.0.

    Shadow Kingdom Factions v2.0 will be running Minecraft version 1.12.2, however, we implemented a system that will revert the combat settings back to pre-1.9. This means that all the latest blocks and features will be available, but we will not have to use the new combat mechanics, which are widely disliked by the PvP community. This system has allowed us to provide the best Minigames/PvP experience possible on an up-to-date Minecraft server.

    With help from @StyxCharon and @Kayoz, we have built many new Minigames which will be ready for playing when the server opens, including Capture The Flag, Infection, Spleef, and Descent, to name a few. The winners of Minigames will be rewarded using a chance system. When you complete a game, you have a chance to be rewarded with money, exp bottles, diamonds, emeralds, and much more! Minigames will be a great way to earn more kills towards your next PvP rank, make some extra cash on the side, or even just practice your PvP skills without risking your inventory or experience being lost. You will also not lose Factions power in the Minigames world!

    Why Factions?
    Factions v2.0 will be replacing the Kingdoms server, which closed down recently due to lack of support and interest from the community and staff as a whole. One of the many issues we had with Kingdoms was the lack of support for necessary features and many bugs and glitches that never got fixed within the Kingdoms plugin itself. Factions is a much older and much more trustworthy land-claiming plugin. Because of this, we don't have to worry about players abusing any type of loopholes to get an edge on other players.

    What about the Kingdoms drama?
    The notorious Kingdoms drama will forever be a dark time in Shadow Kingdom's history, however, we have taken preemptive measures to ensure that no such drama will occur on our new Factions server. The first measure we took was installing a land-claiming plugin that actually functions as it is supposed to. This means that no exploiting and no unfair advantages are possible. Furthermore, there will be a limit of two staff members allowed in a single Faction at one time. Although we have never received any proof that more staff in a team results in abuse or exploitation, we will still be implementing this rule on Factions to appease those who might claim otherwise. Lastly, our staff will be much more thoroughly trained to work on Factions, and we will be looking to hire more Factions-oriented staff members in the future. When Kingdoms was released, some staff members were unable to handle the backlash appropriately. We plan to use that as a learning experience and further ourselves because of it.


    As with every server release, we cannot go over every feature the server will offer, but there are many new features and plugins to discover when you join. We've worked very hard on this server, and we hope everyone likes it as much as we think you will.

    Since this is a server that was made from scratch, we will have having a beta testing period where players will be able to access the server early to report any issues and ensure everything is working as intended. ALL progress WILL be reset at the end of the beta testing period. Due to the competitive nature of Factions servers, it would be unfair for us to allow those players to have that advantage. We will be releasing more information about this testing period at a later time.

    Credits (alphabetical order):
    @Daphsquid - Project leader, plugin setup, plugin advising, feature planning.
    @JST - Spawn building, feature testing.
    @Kayoz - Minigame arena building, Envoy spawn building.
    @Link_Targaryen - Plugin advising, feature planning.
    @Matt - Custom ranking system development.
    @StyxCharon - Minigame arena building, feature testing, minigame testing.
    @sh1mrr4 - Economy setup, feature planning.
    @TinyRoe - Spawn building, plugin advising, feature planning, emotional support.

    Thank you,
    - Shadow Kingdom Staff and Administration
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    Dang, I hoped for something Star Wars related since it is May the forth after all! :p

    Jokes aside, I can't say too much, but the minigames are lit. :D
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    The long awaited return of infection <3 A lot of excitement for this sever, and a lot of effort put into production. Hope to see another sub-community develop!
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    This is such a huge stepping stone for Shadow Kingdom, a very exciting addition to the network of servers. First time, I'll play on a faction server so I'm eagerly awaiting to try out the pvp and I love mini-games! (Still hoping for questing to happen!)

    Shout Out: Huge appreciations and many thanks to the people who've contributed to making the the new Factions server. Your hard work does not go unrecognized by us. Thank you for your hard work into putting the upmost great care and love into making Shadow Kingdom the best!
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    gimme them minigames
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    Thank you SK, very cool!
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    Thanks Daph!
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    I would formally like to say RIP. Factions 2.0 lived a good life
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