Introducing: Towny v4.0! Coming July 18th, 2020!

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    Hello everybody!

    Towny v3.0 has been, without a doubt, the most successful server we ever had on this network, featuring player counts we didn’t think to be possible. It has been an epic journey, but now the time has come at last to put the old server to rest. Therefore, I am excited to finally announce the newest iteration of towny servers: Towny v4.0! Our main goal with this server was to create the best towny experience so far by addressing all the feedback we got during the last year, as well as adding hand-picked new features along with true 1.15 support.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole community for their support and feedback, after all it is only thanks to you that we are able to release this server! In the following paragraphs I will high-light the new main features and changes.

    Ranking up and Quests

    One of the main issues of Towny v3.0 was, that ranking up took a lot of time and was often not worth the effort, especially when you had a town to take care of at the same time. To make earning money easier, we will introduce more than 300 unique daily quests. These quests are unlocked for a specific job as soon as you reach a job level of 10 (even better ones will be unlocked at higher levels). Due to the daily limit of one quest per job, the rewards can be high enough to be your new main source of income. On top of that, we reworked the ranking ladder to make ranking up more worth it, even if you are already a donator. The main perks are small, but significant boosts to your job income and a new custom-coded storage system for your experience.


    Completely reworked Treasure Hunt

    Everybody who played the Treasure Hunt in T3 might have noticed two things: Some of the reward crates were mostly useless and the world looked very unfinished in places. This is why we reworked most of the rewards, now including several new, unique items with unique effects. There will for example be a Sharpness VI axe for all those axe fighters among you and a Looting IV sword. A full list of prizes will be revealed in a separate announcement though. Additionally, we replaced the old TH world with a completely new one, made under the lead of 0o0_0o0_0o0, with a far more diverse environment.



    Moving your own spawners or just getting rid of a spawner that was in the way, was always a big issue. This is why we will change the spawner system to something similar to what we had in the very first version of towny (for those of you who still remember that). You will now be able to break any spawner anytime, but if you want to pick it up, you have to buy a perk from the Tokenshop, that allows you to silk as many as you want for a short time (currently 60 seconds). Additionally, to help with server performance, spawners can now be stacked up to five times, but they are limited to one stacked spawner per chunk (so essentially 4 x 5 spawners per grinder).



    Due to your many suggestions and quite a few updates to the plugin, there will be many changes. I will only mention the most important ones here, there will be a separate announcement for more details later on:

    • All armor and chest plate enchantments will now work on Elytras as well
    • All enchantments for Bows will work on Crossbows
    • More than a dozen new enchantments with new effects
    • Updated the effects of several existing enchantments (e.g. Inquisitive)

    The Achievements are finally back! For now, there will be 54 different achievements with four levels each to unlock. Just to give you an example, they range from killing mobs, throwing eggs to breaking specific blocks. The best part is, that we can add even more, based on your feedback, at any point.

    As a small bonus for all our dedicated towny players, we decided to give everybody, who reached at least the rank of Emperor in Towny v3.0, a unique golden pickaxe with your name on it:


    Other updates and changes:
    • Added more playershops to spawn
    • Reworked and improved all the crates and crate rewards
    • Fused all McMMO coupons to a single item giving XP for a random skill
    • Added new spawners (Zombie Pigman and Enderman)
    • Renamed all the staff tools (made the Hoe useful)
    • New tutorials
    • Reworked MyPet Skill Trees
    • BetterConcrete
    • Added a small (1%) weekly tax
    • And much more

    I would like to conclude this announcement by thanking all the amazing people that helped creating this server during the last few months and made sure it is as good as it can be!

    Thank you and we hope to see everyone online for the big release on July 18th, 2020!

    Credits (alphabetical order):
    • @0o0_0o0_0o0 : Building the new TH world
    • @Daphsquid : Project lead, plugin advising, customizations, setup.
    • @f1reninj4 : Plugin/feature advising
    • @F4ntasbolic : Plugin/feature advising
    • @Imemi : Plugin/feature advising
    • @JST : Building and modifying the still amazing spawn.
    • @Marijke2382 : Building the new TH world, Plugin/feature advising, creating the new tutorial room.
    • @Matt : Writing many custom plugins and features for Towny v4.0.
    • @PineMartenEmily : Building the new TH world, plugin/feature advising.
    • @Rubyo3000 : Plugin/feature advising.
    • @sh2mrr5 : Project lead, plugin advising, customizations, setup.


    Q: What will be reset?
    A: The transition from Towny v3.0 to Towny v4.0 will be a full reset, meaning that everybody will start from scratch. The only exception are donation and staff ranks. If you purchased any in-game perks, like crate keys, during the last two months, they will be carried over as well.

    Q: Can I download the old map?
    A: Yes, the world will be up for download sometime after Towny v4.0 started. Player data will be wiped though, so if you want to keep certain items, make sure to put them into a chest before the server closes. There will be a separate announcement about this.

    Q: Will there be beta-testing like in Towny v3.0?
    A: Since beta-testing always takes quite a bit of time and the summer vacation for many is nearing its end, we decided to do this phase exclusively among staff. That way we are able to release the server a bit sooner.

    Q: Will the server be updated to 1.16?
    A: Considering, that an update would only require a reset of the nether world, it is certainly an option we will keep in mind. However, Towny v4.0 almost has a hundred different plugins now, so it will really depend on how stable 1.16 will be and how quickly things will update, if at all.

    Q: For how long will Towny v3.0 still be up?
    A: We are planning on keeping it online until Sunday, July the 12th. That way you will have about a week to finish any eventual projects or to rank up to Emperor to get the exclusive pickaxe.

    Q: Will the End World be open from the beginning?
    A: No. To give everybody a fair change to grab an elytra and a few shulker boxes, the End world will be closed during the first week. It will be open for everyone on July the 25th at 12:00PM EST. For a similar reason the /speed command (donator perk) will be disabled during that time as well.
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