Introducing: Towny v5.0! Coming June 10, 2022!

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    Hello everyone,

    Towny v4.0 & v4.1 have been great additions to the series of Towny servers we have had on this network so far. Towny v4.0 was released on July 18th 2020 in Minecraft version 1.15 and many other features for the best player experience. Later, Towny v4.1 was released to upgrade to the newer Minecraft version 1.16. Although this server has been very successful, the time has come to put it to rest. Today, I am proud to present the newest in the Towny series: Towny v5.0! With this server, we aim to release the best Towny server on our network so far by combining what we learned throughout our previous Towny servers and the feedback we received from you. This, together with its 1.18 support, will help us achieve that.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole community for their support and feedback, after all it is only thanks to you that we are able to release this server! In the following paragraphs I will highlight the new main features and changes.

    New spawn
    The current spawn build is one that will never be forgotten. It’s beautiful and iconic for the Towny series as it was featured in both Towny v3.0 and Towny v4.0. However, the time has come to say goodbye to our old friend and start loving something new. Towny v5.0 start off in Minecraft version 1.18. This brings a whole lot of new building opportunities, which @JST took with both hands. The new spawn is an amazing and grand design that combines the new building blocks in ways Towny has never seen before! It features numerous things like a PvP arena, tutorial rooms, … and also the largest marketplace in Towny history!

    Complete reworked Treasure Hunt
    We are thrilled to announce that the Treasure Hunt game will never be the same. Towny v5.0 will feature a complete makeover of every part of the game. The Treasure Hunts will now be handled by a custom plugin, made by @Rubyo3000 . The basic game mechanics will stay the same, but the new plugin brings a lot more features like keeping track of your statistics in the game, special rewards that can only be found in certain regions, different number of crates depending on the number of players online and much more.

    Furthermore, the game will take place in a completely new and custom Treasure Hunt world. It took our team more than 6 months of rigorous work to build this world, spanning 750x750 blocks and three layers. It contains a sprawling city with a lot of different shops, stations and other buildings to explore. Additionally, the city features a tram with tracks above the streets, a metro below the surface and even a big sewer system! Crates will be hidden across all these levels, leaving you with the task to go out and explore the city and its secrets. But watch out! Not only the other players are your enemy in this city! City guards and Sewer dwellers patrol their territory, ready to attack anyone who dares crossing their path.

    On top of all the above, the rewards in the crates have been reworked too. Together with other changes, there are 5 new special Treasure Hunt weapons to collect.

    We will upload a post with all changes and new commands on our website when the server is released.


    Advanced Enchantments
    The Advanced Enchantments, also known as Custom Enchantments on the server, will be reworked significantly as well. Along with many changes to the balancing there will be quite a few new enchantments for you to explore and experiment with. We will upload a detailed list of all enchantments on our website when the server is released ;)

    Towns and Nations
    With Towny v5.0 we have decided that inactive residents will be automatically kicked from their towns after not logging in for 90 days. That way it should be a lot easier for younger/more active towns to surpass older ones. Naturally, this means keeping a town of a certain size will be a lot more effort. To make up for this drastic change, all resident requirements (for different town/nation levels) and other values like the number of claimable plots you gain per resident will be adjusted accordingly.

    The exact values and requirements will be posted in a separate announcement when the server is released. Of course, they will also be adjusted further if necessary.

    As the result of the poll on the Towny plot size (click here) was slightly leaning towards keeping the plot size at 32x32 blocks, there will be no chance for the plot size. Thanks for everybody who participated!

    Ranking up and Quests
    All rank perks and rewards have been redistributed and/or reworked. With this change we want to ensure that all ranks feel like they are "worth it".

    The quests of each job have been majorly edited too. Additional quests were added to include all changes Minecraft versions 1.17 & 1.18 brought to the different jobs. As opposed to Towny v4.1, where quests were almost more rewarding than the respective jobs, in Towny v5.0 we aim to shift a bit back towards a focus on the actual jobs. In this context the quest rewards will be lower, but quests will now be more compatible with the respective job. So while doing a quest, you are now earning money from your job much more often.

    Since earning money will be a bit more difficult that way, the prices for ranking up will be decreased by 20-30%.


    Opening new store
    As many of you know, our server store has been closed recently. This is because we are currently reworking our donator ranks and perks to be more EULA compatible. Since this will impact our Towny game mode the most, we are happy to announce that the new store will be opening together with the launch of Towny v5.0! A lot of exciting changes have been made. The details of these changes will be revealed next week :)

    New particles effects
    In addition to the opening of the new store, we have great news regarding the particles feature: New particle effects are added! We have successfully implemented a new plugin that makes these new and exciting particle effects possible. Like before, different donator ranks will have access to numerous styles, particles and colors to choose from.


    T4 Helmet of Recollection
    To make sure the good memories of Towny v4.1 won't fade completely, we have a small bonus item for you. Everyone who reached at least the rank of Emperor in Towny v4.1 will receive this unique golden helmet with their name on it:


    Other updates and changes:
    • Added smaller sized player shops to the new marketplace
    • Reworked and improved all the crates and crate rewards
    • Added new spawners (Glow Squid & Mooshroom)
    • New special Collector Tools/Armor
    • New Tutorials
    • AFK players listed in gray in the player list
    • And much more

    I would like to conclude this announcement by thanking all the amazing people that helped creating this server during the last few months and made sure it is as good as it can be!

    Thank you and we hope to see everyone online for the big release on June 10th, 2022 at 12pm EST!

    Credits (alphabetical order):
    • @emi : Plugin/feature advising.
    • @FaddyManatee : Plugin/feature advising.
    • @Janice999 : Management marketing/advertisement.
    • @JST : Building the amazing new spawn.
    • @Lamna: Building the new TH world, plugin/feature advising.
    • @LifeWithFantasy : Building the new TH world, plugin/feature advising, new text tutorial room.
    • @Marijke2382 : Manager & Head-Builder of the new TH world, graphical design, plugin/feature advising, customizations.
    • @matt : Custom plugins & features development.
    • @Nistune : Building the new TH world.
    • @Noobtabular : Building the new TH world.
    • @Rubyo3000 : Project lead, custom plugin development, plugin/feature advising, customizations, setup.
    • @sh2mrr5 : Plugin/feature advising, customizations, setup.
    • @Weajen : Building the new TH world, plugin/feature advising.

    Q: What will be reset?
    A: The transition from Towny v4.1 to Towny v5.0 will be a full reset, meaning that everybody will start from scratch. The only exception are donation and staff ranks.

    Q: Can I download the old map?
    A: Yes, the world will be up for download sometime after Towny v5.0 started. Player data will be wiped though, so if you want to keep certain items, make sure to put them into a chest before the server closes. There will be a separate announcement about this.

    Q: For how long will Towny v4.1 still be up?
    A: We are planning on keeping it online until Sunday, June the 5th. That way you will have about a week to finish any eventual projects or to rank up to Emperor to get the exclusive helmet.

    Q: Will the End World be open from the beginning?
    A: No. To give everybody a fair chance to grab an elytra and a few shulker boxes, the End world will be closed during the first week. It will be open for everyone on June the 17th at 12:00PM EST. For a similar reason /speed will be disabled during that time as well.
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    Amazing work, as ever. Really excited to see where SK goes with this one. Proud!
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