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July Build Contest

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Fira, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. Fira

    Fira Manager & System Administrator

    Jan 21, 2017
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    Hello players,

    Today I am overjoyed to announce that we will be hosting a build contest for the month of July! Following is a list of some essential information regarding the contest...

    Contest Theme: The Four Elements

    We have chosen a fundamentally broad topic for this contest to inspire a variety of different creations and unique builds. Have fun with it!

    We will be following a strict schedule for the contest. Here are the dates for the following month:
    • July 2nd - 27th at 12:00AM EST: The building period.
    • July 28th - 30th: The judging period.
    • July 31st: Winners announced and contest completion (A new contest will be announced)
    The contest will take place in a plot world. Plots are 75x75 and are accessible via /warp Contest. This is where you may build a plot and use it for the contest. Claim a plot using /p auto and get building! WorldEdit and VoxelSniper are allowed!

    We are offering prizes to the top three players, and these are as follows:

    1st Place-
    • 100 SKoins
    • Special Suffix for winners (permanent)
    • /hat
    • Emotion commands
    • Wings/Trails/Particles
    • Chat colors
    • Full Worldedit Perms for a month
    2nd Place-
    • 50 SKoins
    • /hat
    • Emotion commands
    • Chat colors
    • Full Worldedit Perms for a week
    3rd Place-
    • 25 SKoins
    • /hat
    • Chat Colors
    • Emotion Commands
    The judges for the contest will be the members of the staff team. Feel free to contact any members of the staff team if you have any questions regarding the contest.

    We hope you are all inspired to get involved and enjoy the contest!

    - SK Staff Team
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  2. M0rn1ngStar_

    M0rn1ngStar_ Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2017
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    I have so many fabulous ideas, but I know them will be ideas... and ideas only :D
  3. Astronaughting

    Astronaughting New Member

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    Next month, Rockets.

    I'll dominate that competition.

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