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Discussion in 'Staff Application Archive' started by Carmur, Apr 10, 2019.

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  1. Carmur

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    Mar 16, 2017
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    Your current IGN:

    What is your discord name including the # and numbers?


    How old are you?

    I'm 27 years old.

    What timezone do you live in?

    GMT+1 or UTC or MESZ

    What server do you play the most on Shadow Kingdom?

    I play 95% Towny. In the past I played other new servers on here as well, like Skyblock or Prison.

    How active can you be on Shadow Kingdom?

    From Monday to Friday I play 0,5-4h/day. On weekends it changes to 1-12h/day. Depending on work ;)

    Do you have any past experience as staff? Do you still work there? If not, why did you leave?
    (Please be as honest as possible in this section.)

    On the first Server I joined, I got Assistant, moderated the chatroom, took care of modreqs, griefs + rollbacks and built some PvP arenas, but that was a while ago. On another server I worked in the team at a similar position and got ranked up to moderator eventually in the late phase of that server.

    Why do you want to be a staff member on SK? Why should we pick you instead of other players who apply?

    I would like to help out and make my experience available to the server and the players. As a team member I’d love to support the team and participate in the day-to-day server business. I am usually a relatively quite person who knows how to deescalate arguments and to look at things from an objective perspective, but I also understand humor. One of my main strengths is my patience, I can repeat and explain the same things over and over throughout the day. Like in real life with my employer, I’ll try to protect the interests of the players when they do not collide with the interests of the server.

    If you could change one thing about the server, what would it be?

    The Server is working very well. I might get ideas in the future though, that could still improve the server.

    Additional comments:

    I started out here with Towny 1.0 and still come here with a smile. I like the place and the people, and I especially love it when I sometimes recognize the names of “older” players ^^

    I volunteer as a tribute.

  2. f1reninj4

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    Jul 23, 2018
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    Good luck! xD
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