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    After realizing I've been on the server for over a month now, I have decided to make a post introducing myself. Just a warning, I love writing so this can turn into an essay.

    Hi, my name is Rachel!

    My gamer tag; for a lot of things, is Magna-Phi. It's a username that I've stuck with ever since I heard the song Magna-Phi by 10 Years(My #1 favorite band). Why I chose it, is not only because it's a very inappropriate song, but the meaning behind Magna and Phi: is to enlarge and perfect. I aim large and I yearn to be perfect in every sense of the word.

    I enjoy playing a bunch of video games, most of them being Role playing or MMOs. I'm particularly in love with Tales Series video games. One even made me change from the person I once was into someone who enjoys and loves life. I'm crazy about Legend of Zelda. My mom is the one who introduced me to it, she's also the reason why I love video games so much. Minecraft itself has helped me get through very rough situations as well. I've suffered from having 2 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy within the last 2 years. It has been a never ending struggle, but I'm strong and I have MC to thank for keeping me busy and creative. I enjoy building cottages, I feel that's so basic so I want to learn more building styles, like western or medieval. I also love minecraft sheep. They're beautiful and hilarious.

    I'm 26, born July 29th. I have a fiance by the named Ricky(Richard if he's in trouble.) I work in the electronic dept at a Walmart store. I'm from Maryland, yes I'm a Ravens/Orioles fan. I have two dogs, Chocolate Lab female by the name of Milla Maxwell and a Chocolate Lab/Pitt mix by the name of Coco. I also have two cats, Colette(Creamy coat) and Sheena(Black coat) and two hermit crabs, I know one is a male his name is Reaper but the other hides 24/7 so we just named it Rudy. I'm a very kind person, but that doesn't mean I can't be mean. I'm just not easily provoked. I just care a little too much about being a good person than being cruel to anyone else.

    One thing I dislike about myself would be I have 0 confidence. I have so much hope and pride in myself, but when it comes to actually doing something. I have no problem standing behind someone else and letting them lead the way or hold my hand.

    If you've made it to the end of this, I'm sorry you read so much. I'm very glad you did take an interest. I hope to see you in game, and I would enjoy hanging out and learning new things about you as well!

    I'm a Kittieh!
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    you seem like a nice person:)
    and I think I once draw your name:D
    have fun:cool:
    (have fun is like my new motto)
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