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    Hey so I went planetminecraft inspector mode and wrote some stuffs that I think can be improved or added. You don't have to reply to every single one or to any at all but it's there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. My intention with this isn't to bash the server but just to suggest stuffs that I think weren't working as smoothly as they could

    1. Making a community poll channel in the discord? Where you can get feedback on certain changes that you’re unsure about and it involves the community more involved.

    2. Disable the warning that it gives you when you are typing a lot of lines in one message. Or at least disable this warning everywhere else but global chat. I would just be chatting to someone in town or /msg, and it’ll warn me for spamming? Rood.

    3. Make a ‘ /j ‘ alias for /jobs - makes it easier for some players when typing job commands

    4. Make a ‘ /tshop ‘ alias for /tokenshop - this might just be me being lazy but I’m sure it would be appreciated by other players as well.

    5. Currently in /ranks the playtime ranks are all black blocks. This makes it harder to locate a rank to see what perks it has. Therefore they should be coloured blocks corresponding to the playtime ranks. The requirements for the ranks should also be added so players can reference them without going to spawn.

    6. Using this specific line ‘ ━ ‘ should make it so the lines in the announcements and /ranks (and anywhere else) are completely straight, instead of having a line across dashes.

    7. Turn off rain and pvp and in the worldguard region of spawn. Nobody really likes to see rain in minecraft (as it hinders visibility and lags on laptops), so I think rain should at least be disabled at spawn. Also perhaps turning pvp off in the spawn region would make it so the towny message of “Wilderness PVP” disappears while you're in spawn.

    8. Creating a ‘/chestshop’ command that tells you the format of how to make a chest shop in chat

    9. If a player is afk, it would put ‘[AFK]’ after a player’s name in the tab list. So when we don’t get a reply from a person, we can see if they’re afk or not (if the tab plugin allows it)

    10. Increase the amount of time until the server puts you into afk. I feel like it's way too short. I would be on discord or on instagram for a bit. And I feel bad for the people who constantly welcome me back lol (maybe that's just me). I’ve asked around and others agree that it’s too short. I think a mod said it’s 5 mins of inactivity until you get put into afk? So maybe 10 mins or 15 mins would be nice. Not like players would gain a lot from those extra 10 mins of playtime. Can ask the community about this

    11. Changing the cooldown when teleporting to /t spawn or /n spawn to 10 seconds. The cooldown for /spawn is 10 seconds so I’m not sure why it's different for those 2.

    12. Reducing the /rtp cooldown - So I heard that one of the reasons why the RTP cooldown is so long is so that players can explore to find a place to settle in. However in minecraft, biomes in the overworld haven't changed all that much, therefore the “exploring” aspect isn’t as exciting anymore. Players want to /rtp so that they can find the biome they want to live in. If a player joins and rtps into the snow biome and finds out that they can’t rtp again for another 1 hour, it would be pushing them to leave the server as the rtp cooldown is preventing them from getting their start on the server.

    13. Typing ‘/help’ should open /faq - currently /help pulls up the list of commands that are in /faq and of plugins that players can’t even use (core protect,essentials spawn, litebans). So redirecting it to faq makes more sense.

    14. Change the colour of the chat message in PM. Most of the colour schemes of plugins that appear in chat are yellow/gold (auctions, votes, reactions). This kind of makes it harder to locate the PMs on the screen at times. Maybe with 1.16 the colours for this can be differentiated a bit.

    15. Change the colour of local chat. It's light grey and super hard to read. If no colours are usable rn, I guess you wait for 1.16.

    16. Change the colour of the players in /pvplist as it's dark grey and hard to read. Also if possible it would be more useful if the player’s were listed in alphabetical order. So if a player wants to see if a specific player has their pvp on, they can find them on the list more easily.

    17. Chestcleaner - I'm unsure if this is already stated in the announcements or somewhere but putting an announcement or something that tells players that they can sort their chests by right clicking it with a stick.

    18. Maybe in /ce under the in the lore for the alchemist item, state that you can check your exp amount by /exp. So when they're trying to combine books, they know what they command is to see how much exp they need exactly to combine the stuffs.

    19. In the /faq in the chat auction, maybe put /auc spam in there as well. So players are aware that it's a thing, since some players dont know that the command is a thing, which would better their experience with the chat.

    20. If possible with the custom enchant plugin, adding a confirmation when an enchant has the possibility to destroy your item? Most players top up their CE books with dusts so that there is no destroy chance, but sometimes a player might make a oopsie if their inventory is filled with CEs (R.I.P to Ender forged helmet with alien implants III)

    21. Putting the username of the player when you hover over them in chat. Sometimes a cosmos player with a nickname is talking in chat or you're talking to them, and you have no idea who is talking. So putting that variable would be helpful in those cases

    22. [​IMG]
      1. I don’t think mentioning another severs name in a private chat such as /msg, towny chat, mcmmo party chat etc, should result in a punishment. IP address, discord, website I understand since it directly takes them to the other server. But just talking about it seems kinda harmless and restricting in private chats. For example if I see a new player join, and I’ve seen them somewhere before, and I ask my town members, and they say from ServerABC, boom they get punished.

      2. Every town/nation has their own discord. It seems kind of silly to not be able to send them to residents in game.

      3. I think if a random player were to send links of a competing server to players, that random player would get looked down upon. Since players who have a bit of play time identify with the server a bit. The players who want to leave will leave
    23. [​IMG]
      1. Even though we can agree this is a bad nono thing to do. To some new players, this rule can seem a little jarring as it's not something a typical minecraft server experiences. I think instead it can be removed, and if it does reoccur then the Note 1 can be used.
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    Thanks a lot for making the effort to write that list!

    Many of those suggestions really do make sense, I guess having a different perspective really does help sometimes :D
    Some of them we have to discuss among the staff team, but others should be fairly easy to implement. You will probably see a some of them in the changelogs during the next few weeks ^^

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