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    So i was Going around the Towny world last night when it was just me online and Thought that it would be nice to add a mob stacking plugin i suggest the
    MobStacker plugin (
    I tested this plugin out myself on my Private test server and it seems to work just fine This plugin also Will reduce server lag when People are around a mob grinders. But then i was thinking there are many different spawners people can achieve in game and one of these spawners are blaze now blaze Xp grinders are quite hard to put together so Why not add another plugin or (edit some server files) To allow for blaze to not die when in water this will make People not have to spend Hours on creating a special blaze spawner and instead being able to put there blaze spawners in there normal grinder. I sadly couldn't in my research find a plugin or a way that this is possible but i have seen it done before.

    Kind regards,
    Nathan (natesmileyboy)
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