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    Another suggestion :)

    My suggestion is that there should be more mob spawners added into the spawner crate contents, such as a sheep spawner, iron golem spawner (Not sure if this can be done without an additional plugin), wolf spawner, creeper spawner, zombie pigman spawner, endermen spawner, wolf spawner, etc.

    Reasons Why I Think It Should Be Added:
    1. The mob spawner crate key costs 200 tokens and the silk touch pickaxe ability that can mine mob spawners only costs 75 tokens, the ability to mine mob spawners is, in my opinion, a lot better than the spawner crate key because they both enable the player to get the same type of spawners, yet the mining mob spawners ability can get the player more spawners than the spawner crate.
    2. It may make players want to vote more than ever and save up on tokens for a spawner crate key.
    3. With new unique mob spawners added into the spawner crate it'd make the 200 tokens be worth it over the mining mob spawners ability for a smaller price of only 75 tokens.

    Keep in mind that this is all just my personal opinion and that I could be wrong about the difference between the spawner crate key and mining spawners ability costs, and that there could be a good reason as to why the prices for each of them are like that.
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