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    Now that the first build contest in creative v.4 has passed, I thought that it might be useful for staff to receive some player-experience feedback on how the contest went. This post will simply be a semi-structured overview of my experience and my thoughts, and while it might not touch on everything, hopefully, it will still be relatively thorough. If another player feels that I missed anything they can post a reply to this post :).

    The contest was very well organised by staff! The announcement was done sufficiently ahead of time, and a lot of players were already actively building on their plots from day one. While there were a few players that weren't aware that the contest was going on until halfway-through, this was mostly because these players were likely not very active to begin with. The discord, the forums, twitter, and broadcasting messages on the creative server itself all served to attract a lot of attention. I also really liked the 4 topics that were chosen! Each of them allowed for a wide interpretation and did not lock competitors into any specific styles that they might be uncomfortable with. Allowing the player base to vote on the final theme is the best way to do this, and I hope that this selection system returns in upcoming contests.

    When it came to the time- and space-restrictions of the contest, I was happy with the plot sizes and with the time frame that we were allocated. I have heard some players ask for slightly larger plots, at least smallplot size, which I am not opposed to... but keeping in mind the limited time frame it's best to not increase the plot sizes. After all, we can't expect players to have the time to build every single day, so a plot should be small enough that it can be finished within 2 weeks without grinding gameplay.

    One issue that a lot of players complained about was lag in the contest world. I personally think that the lag was primarily caused by the high density of armour stand entities, ever-updating light levels, many light sources, and high player activity in general. I also think that this problem was exacerbated by the tiny plot size. Because you are at all times loading in multiple plots, you are also generating more light updates, armour stand entities, and the likes. However, as I said previously, I still think that these contest plot sizes are the right fit. A quirky solution might be to keep the plots the same size, but to increase the width of the paths between the plots? That way you can push other plots outside of the server render distance. However, I am not sure if this is possible, and maybe somebody else has a better solution for the lag problem. :p

    Finally, I generally agree with the top 10 for this competition. With such a contest, there will of course always be great builders that cannot make it into the top 10, but a cut-off point has to be drawn somewhere. I saw the suggestion that, in order to keep things competitive, the top builders might receive some form of handicap for next contest. ( I am aware that this has not yet been decided upon, but it's an interesting suggestion to talk about regardless ). I think that, if it is decided that such a handicap is necessary, it would not be in the spirit of the competition to judge any contestant more harshly. Instead, a handicap could be as simple as requiring the top builders to start 2 days later than the rest (even though the winner if this competition is incredibly charming uwu). This way, staff won't have to struggle with alternative judging requirements for separate builders... as I heard that judging isn't easy to begin with :p. That said, such a handicap might not be necessarily at all, as inspiration, time-constraints, affection for the theme, and personal variables are all non-skill related variables that might drastically change up the top 10 for any given competition. As a final note, I want to briefly touch upon the points earned for the top 10. While points for the lower top 10 are largely symbolic and should obviously not be as high as the top 3, it would still be nice to feel as if the lower top 10 earned a price. I propose that the points given should be a bit higher, for example; 1st place - 1000, 2nd place - 750, 3rd place - 500, 4-5th place - 250, 6-10th place - 150.

    That's it for my thoughts. This post was a bit longer than originally intended, but I hope that the staff appreciates the feedback. If somebody feels like I forget to mention an aspect that they wanted to comment on regarding the contest, please leave a response below! Again, thank you to the SK staff team for organising this contest!

    - Lumi
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    Another lovely post, thanks for the feedback and suggestions Lumi! <3

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