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    Hello Players,

    It's been a while since I provided a changelog for CreativeBD, so this post is going to cover all of the changes and updates which were carried out over the course of the last few weeks.

    New staff rule regarding build images:

    From now on, if a builder does not include a photo of their project upon submission, the duty will transfer to the staff team to provide the image. We decided to enact this new policy when we noticed that many of the new submissions were lacking photos. As always, we recommend that the builder provides the photo, though, since we can't always guarantee that the photo the staff provide will be to the builder's liking.

    New command for donator Private Worlds:

    Due to popular demand, we added a new /world setspawn command for donator private worlds. This command will allow world owners to modify the location which visitors will spawn when initially teleporting to their private world.

    Remember to look in the correct direction when using this command! If you are looking at your feet when issuing this command, that is the way your visitors will also be facing.

    Various other changes and fixes:

    • Fixed bug in private worlds which caused random helpers to become denied.
    • Added /tutorial command which will list various building and plugin tutorials.
    • Added more inspiration to the /inspiration command (inspiring artwork, popular builds, etc.)
    • New command aliases: /tut, /tutorials, and /ins
    • Disabled death messages in chat.
    • Added a layer of barriers in the spawn world so players cannot fall into the void.
    • Moderators can now set build images, as per our new rule outlined above.
    • GoBrush updates (better performance).
    New rank requirements:

    We now officially have 3 Engineers on the server, and it is time to provide the requirements for the further ranks on the ladder. The Artisan rank now requires 1,800 Points, and the Architect rank now requires 4,200 Points.

    Although these numbers may seem high at first glance, please keep in mind that point totals continuously increase as time goes on, and CreativeBD was designed to never require a reset. This means that point totals should never get erased (at least for a very long time).

    Server Totals:

    Enabled Builds: 64

    Visits: 3,684
    Likes: 699
    Comments: 163

    Total Points Earned: 11,326


    That's all for now, but please feel free to check back soon for more updates!

    Thank you,
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