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    Below is a list of rules all users must follow when using our forums:

    • Keep all discussion in threads related to the topic. Do not spam or "derail" any forum threads.
    • Keep all information and profile avatars/cover photos appropriate at all times.
    • Do not share your personal information with anyone. This includes, but is not limited to, IP addresses, real name, Minecraft account(s) information, and email account information.
    • Do not release anyone's personal information. This includes, but is not limited to, IP addresses, the location of residence, documents, or anything that is related.
    • Post any questions in the appropriate sections of the forums. If you're unsure where to post, feel free to ask a fellow user or a member of the staff team. This includes ban appeals, player/server reports, and help requests.
    • Do not post illegal or derogatory material. This includes malware, pornography, torrents, etc.
    • No flaming or arguing on forums. Hate threads and arguments will be deleted.
    • Do not post in a thread older than 60 days. This is commonly referred to as "gravedigging" inactive/irrelevant threads.
    • No trolling or posting multiple replies in a row. If you wish to add more information in a post, use the edit button. Double posts may be merged/deleted and warning points added to the poster.
    • Do not post farm. Post farming is when you post rapidly to increase your message count. These messages can be considered spam and be deleted.
    • Moderators reserve the right to delete posts or threads as they see fit. Users choosing not to abide by this set of rules will be subject to warning points being added to their accounts that can lead up to a temporary or even permanent ban from our forums.

    Failing to abide by the rules listed above will result in your website account receiving warning points and in severe cases, your website account being banned.
    (Thank you to Pile for writing the forum rules!)
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