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    The following is a list of rules for the Creative server and punishments for breaking them.

    Many of the punishment lengths are purposefully vague so precedent and staff discretion can be more easily used, allowing staff members to adapt punishments as time goes by, rather than being bound by arbitrary rules created with limited knowledge of the reality they intend to dictate. Words such as “short” and “long” in relation to punishment duration are extremely relative; for example, a “short” punishment for breaking one rule may be a 5 minute mute, while a “short” punishment for a different rule may be a month-long tempban.

    • The punishments follow the following formula:
      Offense committed: punishment for first offense -> second offense -> … -> nth offense

    • If you see a “<->”, this means the punishments on either side of that symbol may be used for the same number offense (i.e. first offense, second offense, etc.) depending on the severity of that offense.

    1. Griefing/altering another player's creation without permission.
    - 3-6 month tempban -> 1 year tempban -> permanent ban

    2. DONATORS: Creating spammy or random holograms around the server using /ast.
    - Warning -> removal of permission to use /ast

    3. Submitting builds which are very early on in development.
    Submitted builds don't necessarily have to be 100% complete, but if a build appears to be very incomplete, the staff hold the right to determine if a build is too incomplete for submission yet, and/or disallow it to become enabled.
    - Deletion of your build submission + explanation from the staff of why this was done

    4. Submitting inappropriate or phallic builds/Including inappropriate or phallic build images.
    - Deletion of your build submission <-> short tempban -> long tempban

    5. Using alt accounts to add likes and/or comments to your build submission.
    Multiple users living together may add engagements to each other's builds, however, the staff hold the right to remove engagements if they are thought to be abusive.
    - Removal of added likes/comments <-> short tempban <-> temp IP ban -> long tempban <-> permanent ban

    6. Submitting build images with text/Submitting irrelevant submission images.
    - Deletion of your build image <-> Possible deletion of your entire build submission

    7. Advertising your build in chat/Spamming your build in chat/Begging for build engagements.
    We have implemented an official means of promoting your build post-submitting through the /build broadcast command. Using this command, you can even schedule advertisements to occur in the future.
    - Warning <-> 1-30 minute mute -> 1-3 hour mute -> possible short tempban

    8. Build names and/or descriptions containing profanity, slurs, or NSFW language.
    Although we do allow mild profanity in chat (when not directed at a player), we do not allow it in build names or descriptions.
    - Immediate deletion of your build submission + warning -> short or long tempban -> permanent ban

    *All rules are subject to change at any time.*

    NOTE 1: Staff are the law of the server. If they tell you something is against the rules, stating "that wasn't listed in the rules" or similar is not a valid reason to justify your actions.

    NOTE 2: Shadow Kingdom staff members are not responsible for any players unaware of changes to this list of server rules, and therefore using that as your alibi to disprove a valid punishment is not permitted. Players and staff members are expected to check the official rules regularly for changes.

    Build Submission Rules & Requirements

    When a build is submitted on Creative Build Discovery, it must be 'approved' by a Moderator before it becomes publicly shown on the build list. The rules for build approval are intentionally vague, so all building styles can be represented equally. A good "rule of thumb" is that if you spent time on your build and put in effort, it will be approved. Below are some general rules to keep in mind:

    1. No 2D pixelart.
    - Minecraft skin statues are included here.
    - 3D organics are allowed.
    - Pixelart can be included in larger builds, but must be accompanied by other building.
    2. No redstone contraptions.
    - Things such as rollercoasters, lag/noise machines, or grinders are included here.
    - Redstone contraptions can be included in larger builds, but must be accompanied by other building.
    3. Regarding low-quality/effort builds:
    - Since it's hard to define a "low-quality" or "low-effort" build, the staff team reserves the right to deny a build from becoming enabled which appears to have been thrown together quickly or intentionally created with minimal effort. Again, generally, all builds will become approved if the builder put the time and effort into them.
    4. No copied builds from other users.
    - All builds submitted on CreativeBD must be original work. If a build is found to be a replica of a build found online or on the server by another player, the staff reserve the rights to either deny a build submission from being accepted or delete already-existing build submissions (+ potentially remove your access to submit any builds in the future).
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