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    The following is a list of rules for the Towns server and punishments for breaking them.

    Many of the punishment lengths are purposefully vague so precedent and staff discretion can be more easily used, allowing staff members to adapt punishments as time goes by, rather than being bound by arbitrary rules created with limited knowledge of the reality they intend to dictate. Words such as “short” and “long” in relation to punishment duration are extremely relative; for example, a “short” punishment for breaking one rule may be a 5 minute mute, while a “short” punishment for a different rule may be a month-long tempban.

    • The punishments follow the following formula:
      Offense committed: punishment for first offense -> second offense -> … -> nth offense

    • If you see a “<->”, this means the punishments on either side of that symbol may be used for the same number offense (i.e. first offense, second offense, etc.) depending on the severity of that offense.

    1. Claiming another player's built-on land using Towny.
    - Deletion of your town’s claim(s) in the area + warning -> deletion of your town without refund

    2. Creating an automatic or "AFK" farm.
    An automatic or “AFK” farm is thus defined: any grinder or farm which produces some item, such as food, items dropped by mob death, etc., that can operate without any input action from a player. Allowed grinders and semi-automatic farms must have continuous activation by the player (i.e. if the player is not present to activate the machine, it will not grind mobs or farm farms); mob grinders must not fully kill mobs, but can only wound them to the point where one hit from the player, and only the player, can kill them.
    - Warning <-> (if not altered to be in compliance or removed) deletion of the farm without compensation -> tempban

    3. Creating a death trap for players/teleporting players maliciously in an attempt to instantly kill them/creating an unsafe or deathtrap warp.
    - (if applicable) removal of your warp without refund <-> short tempban -> long tempban

    4. Creating/editing structures or major changes to the terrain within 80 blocks (5 chunks) of a Town you don't belong to.
    Farming trees or other such small alterations to the terrain are allowed. Creating moats, ravines, canyons, mountains, lava pits, etc. near a town without the consent of that town’s mayor constitutes a major change to the terrain. It is up to a staff member’s discretion whether an alteration to the area around a town violates this rule.
    - Warning <-> rollback of your terrain edit/build without compensation <-> short tempban -> long tempban

    5. Malicious destruction or alteration of another player’s owned land within a town.
    - Warning <-> staff will advise the town mayor to remove player from town -> short tempban -> escalate to punishments under Global Rule 15: Harassment (of the community as a whole)

    6. Repeatedly begging staff or players for goods, services, or actions.
    - Warning -> short mute <-> long mute -> short tempban -> long tempban

    7. Spamming the same Auction items multiple times/too high, abusive, or obviously-a-scam bid increment prices.
    - Warning -> kick -> short tempban <-> removal of permission to issue command “/auction start” and its variants

    8. Taking from unlocked chests is allowed, including shulker boxes. However, taking from hoppers and/or potion stands without permission from their owner is not allowed.
    - Warning <-> short tempban -> escalate to punishments under Global Rule 15: Harassment (of the community as a whole)

    9. PvP is allowed anywhere on the server, where it is enabled. Attempting to bypass pvp toggle by use of lava, CE enchants, or other is not.
    - Warning <-> short tempban -> long tempban

    10. Town Mayors can make Town-specific rules pertaining to their Town, however, these rules may not interfere with already-existing server rules. Furthermore, the server staff is not required to enforce rules created by Town mayors.

    11. Admins will not return items if you die. Do not accept teleport requests from people you don't trust.

    12. Doing /sethome in a player's house/base without permission.
    - Warning + removal of the home <-> short tempban -> long tempban

    13. Spam killing players without their permission.
    - Warning <-> kick -> short tempban -> long tempban

    14. Exploiting/not reporting mechanics exploits.
    - Warning <-> short tempban <-> long tempban -> permanent ban

    15. Not leaving at least one block of air between a portal and a barrier, blocking it/Creating portal traps.
    - Removal of your portal without compensation -> short tempban

    16. Concerning former town members’ items left within town limits:
    If a member of a town leaves the town of their own volition and accidentally leaves behind some/all of their items in chests they can no longer access, neither Towns Staff nor the town mayor are obligated to give that player their items back. If, however, the player is kicked from the town (admins can check command logs to verify this took place), the town mayor is obligated to add the player back to their town long enough for the player to gather their belongings and leave once again.
    - Player Left Town: If a player who left a town of their own volition repeatedly begs staff or the town mayor for their items, see Towns Rule 6. Repeatedly begging staff or players for goods, services, or actions for punishment.
    -- Locked Chests Corollary: If a player leaves a town of their own volition, 48 hours after leaving (plenty of time to dispute the claim of volition), the town mayor can request that a staff member unlock that player’s chests within town limits.
    -- Taxes Corollary: If a player is auto-kicked from a town because of town taxes, three things may happen, depending on circumstance:
    --- If the player was inactive for at least two weeks without notice to the town mayor (documentation showing such notice can override the word of the mayor), this inactivity is taken as an act of volition; see Locked Chests Corollary, minus the 48 hour waiting period.
    --- If it can be shown that the town mayor purposefully raised the town’s taxes in order to kick players from the town, proceed to Player Kicked from Town.
    --- If the player was active and the taxes were not changed, volition is assumed as no one but the player is responsible for keeping the player's balance up. Town mayor can allow the player back permanently or to regain their items, but is under no obligation to do so; if they do not, see Locked Chests Corollary, minus the 48 hour waiting period.
    - Player Kicked from Town: If a town mayor refuses to add a kicked player back so they may claim their items:
    -- Warning -> kick <-> short tempban -> long tempban -> possible deletion of the town without compensation
    * These do not have to be for separate incidents of breaking this rule; can be for continuing to disobey staff in relation to this rule. If the town mayor is tempbanned, an admin can forcibly add the kicked player to the town so they may collect their items, then remove them again.

    *All rules are subject to change at any time.*

    NOTE 1: Staff are the law of the server. If they tell you something is against the rules, stating "that wasn't listed in the rules" or similar is not a valid reason to justify your actions.

    NOTE 2: Shadow Kingdom staff members are not responsible for any players unaware of changes to this list of server rules, and therefore using that as your alibi to disprove a valid punishment is not permitted. Players and staff members are expected to check the official rules regularly for changes.
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