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    It's been so long since I was last on here, and I left in such a fashion, that I feel a re-introduction is needed, which also acts as a warning of my presence. So hi, I'm Snaily, an autistic 17 year old kid from Wales who used to build the worst creations on the original creative world including a small football stadium by the cathedral, an awful aeroplane by spawn, a really weird supermarket, and an awful house in which I put some awful redstone for the lights, something 14 year old me was very proud of himself for.

    Short recap:
    I left the Minecraft server after my mother's death left my brother and I in foster care which left me without access to the family computer I used to play on. I then left the Discord server after multiple breakdowns had me realising (with help from Daph giving me a little heads up) that I wasn't mentally stable enough to remain on a server used by people of any age, including children; to name just a few examples, I spoke in detail of an abusive and traumatic upbringing, what happened after my mother's death, and my plans to follow her.

    However, I'm building a computer in the summer that will be capable of playing Minecraft, and I'm sure it doesn't take a genius to figure out that this server will be the first I play on, since it was literally the only one I ever used to play on and it's so ingrained in my memory as the best Minecraft server. I just want to let you all know before I do that I'm doing much better now; I have a concrete and attainable life plan up to leaving university, and a pretty good plan post-uni. Plus, I've been put through therapy as a friend reported to school that I wasn't exactly doing too great after a breakdown in the school library. Also, and I know I've promised this on past returns, but I've actually, finally, learned actual self-control when it comes to what information I share online regarding my mental health, and have created an alt on Reddit to vent when it gets a bit too much, so hopefully the mod team won't have to worry about me going crazy yet again.

    Looking forward to getting back online. The server looks so much better now than it was, even if a lot of familiar faces are no longer on the server, and the few that are left likely don't want to speak to me anymore. I just hope I don't fluff it up again.

    The boring life stuff:
    I can't remember when the last time I left the Discord was, so I'll go from early 2018, since I had an unread DM from January 2018 when I logged in to post this. Well, that friend group I mentioned in my last hello message (that I remember) fell apart in April, and in May we all went our different ways following the end of exams. There's a couple that I want to regain contact with, but the whole group meeting again would be disastrous.
    In the summer my mental health declined rapidly as I failed to find work and had nothing else to occupy my mind apart from football. I'm not gonna go too into detail because I want to keep this at least close to PG, but I turned to some... coping methods because I wasn't thinking straight, something I strongly discourage anyone reading this to even think of doing. I was scared of being rejected by sixth form and having nowhere to go. In late august, however, I got my results and confirmation that I was going to sixth form. As well as this, the next week, I went all the way, over 10 hours on the train which I'm sure my sister still hates me for, to visit my aunt in Cumbria who I hadn't seen since Grandma's funeral in 2015, and nearly a decade before that. It was amazing is all I'm gonna say about it. Glad my mother's siblings were as amazing as her.
    Got back to Wales the day before school started up again, had a really fun induction period in my sixth form, and even made a few friends I still meet every day in the corner of the library - the librarian even calls us the Card Corner Club because we play card games most days, despite the fact that exams are coming up. However, my courses just aren't mixing well with me, especially English Lit. I hate both the books we're studying, which shows, and I've always hated poetry. I honestly don't know why I took it since, despite getting an A, I still hated it at GCSE. As a result, I've decided to completely revamp my plan.
    Last month, the Welsh Bacc department arranged to take us to a UCAS event in Trinity Saint David in which a whole bunch of universities from the UK and even a few from abroad gathered to sell themselves to students. I've always had an interest in editing and it's really heightened over the past year or so, so on a whim, I asked Trinity Saint David about their Filmmaking course; I fell completely in love with it. Afterwards, I went to speak to a few others including Nottingham Trent, but something about TSD's courses just clicked with me more than any of the others. Then I asked whether I should consider scrapping my current A-levels and go to college to do media instead - they said 100% give it a thought, because someone with an A in media and couple of C's would apparently have a much higher chance than a BBB student in other subjects if they had a good enough portfolio and the passion and drive they were looking for, the latter two of which I was told I had (just couldn't show them a portfolio since I hadn't prepared one, plus I'd already spent half an hour talking to them and the queue was growing.)
    So that's why I'm getting a new computer - unlike most people saying "I need a mid-range computer for homework," I legitimately do - my current laptop just doesn't cut it for actual work, only for a hobby. The computer is gonna be mainly focused on audio/visual processing with the ability to play Minecraft and TF2 being a, uhh... A happy coincidence... I have an interview with the college on the 14th and, should all go well, I'll be starting Media Studies, Politics and Government, and History from next year, though the History will be continuing the course I'm currently doing, meaning less stress in year 13 as I'll have less subjects to revise for. If that doesn't pan out, I'll just have to dig my head in and hope they accept whatever results I present form courses I hate.
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    It is great to hear that things have gotten better on your end! :D

    Winter has been a bit slow for the server, but with the release of towny v3.0 things have been picking up again and we recently surpassed our all-time record for players online at the same time. :)
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