Towny Please Forgive me about the thing on Saturday

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by paylode, Sep 29, 2019.

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    Hey its me Paylode I just wanted to say something about what has ben going on lately with me and SK. As some of you guys may know on Saturday I said something about "gay" people and I know that's a very touchy subject for some people. And I want to say I'm sorry about that. I do not want this to be something where half the server hates me because that's what it like right now. I just got upset because you guys kept saying "gay" in chat and I was having a bad day so I got my anger on you guys. I know I should not have done that. Also sorry about keeping it going on how I brought it up a couple times I should not have done this. I'm also upset because I know this is gonna be used against me in the future and I don't want that at all. So please forgive me about saying that and that stuff. { Btw no staff told me to do send this I thought this would be the right way on how to treat this.} -Paylode
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